Friday Night and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the varsity volleyball team on their 3-0 sweep against Malakoff! The Lady Bulldogs are now 8-1 in district.

Congratulations to the varsity football team on their 64-28 win over Palmer. The Bulldogs are now 2-0 in district play.  Justin Bersterman has been nominated again as the offensive player of the week. Justin had 12 carries, 287 yards, and 5 touchdowns. Please take a few minutes and go to and vote for Justin.

The Mighty Bulldog Marching Band also had a great performance on Friday. They are tuning up for the UIL Marching Contest this Wednesday.

This Week:

The Intermediate will be having a book fair this week. The book fair will be held in the Intermediate library from 8:30 – 2:45 daily.

Monday – MS volleyball at Malakoff – 4:30; Band practice 6:30 – 9:00

Tuesday – HS volleyball v. Blooming Grove 5:00; Board meeting – 7:00 – HS library

Wednesday – UIL Marching Contest – Mesquite Memorial Stadium – 4:00

Thursday – 2nd Grade Family Reading Night; EC – Fire Station Field Trip; MS FB @ Grandview – 5:00; JV FB v. Grandview – 6:00

Friday – 1st Grade trip to Canton Tree Farms; HS volleyball at Teague – 4:30; Varsity football at Grandview – 7:30

I hope everyone has a great week!

Today and Congratulations to Blake Ward

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations go to Blake Ward for being named the defensive player of the week!

We have lots of activities going on today and tomorrow. Our HS volleyball teams travel to Malakoff this evening. The games start at 4:30. At 7:30, our varsity football team kicks off against Palmer. The HS cheerleaders will be performing, as well as the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band. I encourage everyone to come out tonight and support the volleyball team, football team, cheerleaders, and band.

Tomorrow, EHS will be hosting 33 teams in the annual Eustace Cross Country Meet. In addition, the MS volleyball teams will be traveling to Malakoff for the district tournament. The cross country meet starts at 8:00 and the 7th grade volleyball team will be playing at 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM. The 8th grade volleyball team will be playing at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  

New City Ordinance

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, I received a visit from Eustace Mayor Laura Ward. She brought with her a recently passed city ordinance. A copy of that city ordinance is attached at the top of this post. Basically, the new city ordinance makes it illegal to use, possess, or sell K-2 or any product similar to K-2 in the city of Eustace. While EISD had banned the possession of K-2 under its Student Handbook, I am very pleased that the city leaders recognized the potential hazards associated with this product. I commend the mayor and all city council members for taking this action.

Parent Conference

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the varsity volleyball team. The Lady Bulldogs swept Buffalo 3-0 last night.

The Region 7 Education Service Center in Kilgore is hosting the 3rd Annual Parent Conference on October 21. The conference is free and lunch will be provided. Everyone that attends the conference will receive a free copy of the book 106 Ways Parents Can Help Students Achieve by Kristen Amundson. Breakout sessions will be offered throughout the day. The registration form is attached at the top of this entry.

Cross Country and Dig Pink

by Coy Holcombe.  

From cross country coach Josh Sypert: 

The Eustace Cross Country teams competed in the YWAM Van Invitational in Van, TX on Saturday morning, October 9, 2010.

 The Varsity Girls finished 4th out of 9 teams and 121 individuals. The girls were lead by freshman Meagan Gunter who placed 14th and ran a 13:47, Shelby Milton was next who placed 20th and ran a 14:09, Nancy Murff placed 22nd and ran a 14:11, Crystal Garza placed 32nd and ran a 14:43, and Tarrah Herrera placed 33rd and ran a 14:44.

The Varsity Boys finished 2nd out of 10 teams and 130 individuals. The boys were lead by juniors Michael Yates and Caleb Caldwell who placed 3rd and 4th and ran 17:42 and 17:45, Gavin Kirkhart placed 9th and ran an 18:17, Ben Huddleston placed 17th and ran an 18:51, and Shawn Boulware placed 44th and ran a 20:24.

The JV girls were lead by sophomore Skyler Burks who placed 10th and ran a 16:12, Allie Cass placed 16th and ran a 16:36, and Shelby Stegent placed 17th and ran a 16:42.

 The JV boys were lead by sophomore Trey Russell who placed 2nd and ran a 19:02, Ryan Brown placed 6th and ran a 19:39, Carl Boing placed 12th and ran a 20:06, and Dakota Parrent placed 21st and ran a 21:27.

Tonight our volleyball teams take on Buffalo at the E. L. Kirk Gymnasium. To show support for the Dig Pink campaign, everyone is encouraged to wear pink. The games will start at 5:00.

This Weekend and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

EISD had a great homecoming weekend! It started out Thursday with the tailgate party and bonfire. A special thanks goes to Brookshires of Athens for providing the refreshments for our tailgate party. Friday was our district-wide pep rally. Later that day, our varsity volleyball team swept Mildred 3-0 and our varsity football team provided lots of excitement in their 61-41 win over Sunnyvale. During half time of the football game, Mallory Mobley was crowned homecoming queen.

I want to thank everyone that had a part in making this a successful homecoming weekend: Wendy Renteria, booster club president, and all the officers and members of the booster club for their work in planning events and organizing activities; Jack Wallace, maintenance director of EISD, and his crew for making sure everything was just right for all the activities, the Eustace Volunteer Fire Department for overseeing the bonfire, for spraying down the parking lot area prior to the game on Friday, and for helping with the parking; Kathleen Krumm and other members of the High School faculty for organizing the half time homecoming activities; and, finally, all the people that came out to the events. We appreciate your support!

This Week

Monday – Primary Awards; MS volleyball at Blooming Grove; Band practice 6:30 – 9:00

Tuesday – HS volleyball vs. Buffalo

Thursday – MS football v. Palmer; JV football at Palmer

Friday – HS volleyball at Malakoff – 4:30; Varsity football vs. Palmer – 7:30

Saturday – Eustace Cross Country Meet

Moodle Servers: Windows, Linux, Virtual or "Real"

by Rusty Meyners.  


Regarding Windows or Linux:


Moodle is a Linux native along with the majority of the available support. My duties, skills and salary are too Windows-dependent to devote the time to mastering Linux that I’d like; but having said that, I couldn’t personally recommend Windows for a Moodle.



Regarding the Virtual vs. “Real” question:


Our Moodle has been a Linux virt from day one around 2.5 years ago and I’d do it again exactly the same today. BUT it is on the OpenVZ flavor of virtualization which is quite different from the VMWare solution that most people default to.



VMWare is one of many flavors of FULL virtualization which use processing and memory resources for a software imitation of the hardware components in an imaginary machine on which you install your system. Fully virtual machines for the most part do not even know they are not actual boxes of metal and silicon. A subset is “para-virtual” where the virt has special drivers and awareness that it can get more direct and efficient access to the “real” hardware. Other solutions including (Free/OpenSource) such as KVM (on Linux but able to host Windows) and XEN work in a similar fashion to VMWare.



OpenVZ only virtualizes or “partitions” the operating system and uses hardly any extra resources to do so. This keeps most of the advantages of virtualization and brings more benefits to the mix, especially in the way of performance. OpenVZ only works (last I heard) with Linux systems, though there is an expensive proprietary version for Windows that has gone by various names such as Virtuozzo and (I think) Containers(?). If you are using or even considering Linux implementation, getting familiar with OpenVZ would be an extremely valuable investment of your time, as I believe it almost never makes sense to virtualize Linux any other way. With OpenVZ I have can (and often do) have a production Moodle system running alongside a production KalturaCE, BackupPC, FOG and sandbox space for trying out any flavor of Linux system that catches my attention (Mahara is next on that list). Normally we have these spread out over several host boxes but the beauty of virtualization is the portability, disaster recovery and load balancing potential.



ProxMox is the actual “brand” of virtualization we use and it is Free/OpenSource with pay support options. It combines KVM Full Virtualization and OpenVZ OS Virtualization for multiple Linux AND Windows virts in the same host system and may be one of the fastest ways around to get into the virtualization business. It requires fairly new 64bit hardware with virtualization support which includes almost any decent server hardware you would be considering anyway. I would love to help anyone in education trying to get started with ProxMox.

By the Numbers, First Six Weeks

by Coy Holcombe.  

Below are the preliminary numbers from the first six weeks. For the first time in almost two years, we are earning more than what was budgeted. While this is good news, we still have 5 other six week periods to go. As we have seen in the past, our enrollment can change quickly. A couple of notes:

Overall ADA and HS ADA are good at this point. While our special education FTEs are down slightly, it is not enough to be concerned about. We will be checking our career and technology (CATE) classes to make sure everything is coded correctly. The drop in CATE FTEs is unexpected.

If you have any questions about these numbers, please do not hesitate to contact me at


  Earned (Est.) Budget Earned v. Budget
ADA 1398.6552 1373.841 24.8142
High School ADA 422.1724 407.58 14.5924
SE FTE 43.3619 46.2708 -2.9089
Mainstream ADA 49.0345 47.5111 1.5234
CATE 56.1437 61.637 -5.4933
GT Students 57 67 -10
Comp 1058.8 1041.8 17
Bilingual 6.83 9.914 -3.0864
Reg Block $6,723,099 $6,556,268 $166,831
SE $966,822 $998,521 -$31,699
CATE $392,234 $430,944 -$38,710
GT $35,099 $41,341 -$6,242
Comp $1,095,858 $1,079,096 $16,762
High School Allotment $116,097 $112,085 $4,012
Bilingual $3,533 $5,134 -$1,601
Trans $139,400 $139,400 $0
Total Tier I $9,472,142 $9,362,789 $109,353
Less Local $4,817,342 $4,817,342 $0
Tier I $4,654,800 $4,545,447 $109,353
Tier II $414,155 $405,400 $8,755
Additional State Aid For Tax Reduction $87,899 $90,563 -$2,664
Staff Allotment $49,500 $49,500 $0
  $5,206,354 $5,090,910 $115,444
Less Available $302,245 $302,245 $0
Less Title XIV $250,202 $250,202 $0
Total Foundation School Fund $4,653,907 $4,538,463 $115,444
Available School Fund $114,372 $114,372 $0
Tech $41,484 $40,748 $736
EDA $0 $0 $0
Title XIV $438,075 $438,075 $0
Total State Aid $5,247,838 $5,131,658 $116,180

This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

Weekend Results:

Lindale Cross Country Meet – Varsity girls finished 8th out of 20 teams; varsity boys finished 4th out of 24 teams; and, the JV boys finished 4th out of 16 teams. Congratulations to all the runners on their success.

Mesquite Marching Festival – The Mighty Bulldog Marching Band received a rating of 2 on Saturday. This coming Saturday, the band has their final warm-up contest at Mabank before the UIL Marching Contest on October 20.

This Week:

Kindergarten – Fire Prevention Week 

Tuesday – Begin 2nd 6 weeks; Band practice 6:30 – 9:00; Volleyball is open

Wednesday – Report card pickup at the Middle School

Thursday – Report cards issued; MS football vs. Sunnyvale – 5:00; JV football at Sunnyvale – 6:00; Tailgate party at football parking lot – 6:00; Bonfire – 8:00

Friday – Homecoming pep rally – 9:00 Bulldog Stadium; HS volleyball at Mildred – 4:30; Varsity football vs. Sunnyvale – 7:30

Saturday – Mabank Marching Contest; Cross country at Neches

Today and Saturday

by Coy Holcombe.  

There are several activities and events happening today and tomorrow:


  • End of the first six weeks. 
  • Flex day for the Intermediate, Middle School, and High School.
  • Last day for the book fair at the Primary
  • Cross country has a meet in Lindale
  • HS volleyball hosts Leon – 4:30 – there will be no admission charges for this afternoon's game. Instead, voluntary donations for the fight against breast cancer will be taken.


  • The Mighty Bulldog Marching Band competes in the Mesquite Marching Festival.
  • Band performs at 12:15.
  • Ratings will be announced at 3:00

I hope everyone has a great weekend!