School Board Recognition Month

by Coy Holcombe.  

January has been proclaimed School Board Recognition Month by Governor Rick Perry. In his proclamation, Governor Perry states, "The people who make up these boards volunteer their time because they care about their communities and their schools."

Our school board members spend hours dealing with issues that affect the quality of education our children receive. At a minimum, they attend one regular monthly board meeting. Often times, there are hearings and called meetings that take place throughout the year. In addition, the board members must be committed to attending workshops and conferences at least once a year.

Please join me in thanking our board members for all they do for our students, staff, and community. The EISD Board of Trustees are:

Diane Russ – President

Thomas Frazier – Vice President

Sara McAtee – Secretary

Mike Smith – Member

Cotton Walker – Member

Gary Walsh – Member

Sonny Hodge – Member

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