by Coy Holcombe.  

In writing this blog, my main goal is to provide information to all the constituents of EISD. Very seldom do I allow myself to venture into the political world in this blog. Yet, this morning I feel the absolute need to address a statement that  came from a state legislator. Over the next few months, the Texas Legislature will be making some very tough decisions regarding the state budget for the upcoming biennium. There is no doubt that education will have some reductions in state funding. While I understand the need for a certain level of reduction (EISD went through the same process last year because of reduced enrollment), I do not understand the spreading of misinformation in an attempt to justify the reductions.

In an article that can be found at this link: http://www.myfoxlubbock.com/news/local/story/Texas-consolidation-school-districts/OZJh_telY0OF4COJt-BFpQ.cspx , Representative Fred Brown makes the following statement:  "The total amount that is spent out of the education dollar, 46 cents of every dollar goes to pay for administration." I am not sure where Representative Brown is getting his information. Perhaps there are districts in the state that actually do spend 46% of their funds on administration. However, at EISD, the figure is more like $.04 out of every dollar. Attached to this blog is a breakdown of how EISD spends its money. This chart has been available since August on our website. Even if you took all the money EISD spends for administration (Function 41) and added all the money that EISD spends on principals, assistant principals, and their secretaries (Function 23) that would only add up to 10% of the total M & O budget, or $0.10 out of every dollar.

Everyone understands that funding is tight in Texas right now. We understand that we are going to have to find creative means of doing more for less. We can deal with that; however, we should not have to deal with inaccurate information coming from our elected officials in an attempt to justify their positions.

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