Future Farmer Earns Future Money

by Stan Sowers.  

The Eustace FFA chapter works their way to the top at the Ft. Worth Livestock Show this past week. The Ft. Worth Livestock Show is the 2ndlargest livestock show in the Nation with well over 10,000 Junior Show entries. Not only did the members of the Eustace FFA compete in the Jr. Beef Heifer show we also had a member compete in the Livestock Show’s Superintendent Beef Heifer Challenge. The challenge is composed of a test which consists of 50 questions based on twelve Extension Publications relative to General Management, Genetics and Selection, Health, Nutrition, Pasture–Range–Forage and Reproduction and Calving.  After scoring the tests the top scoring contestants in The Educational Information Challenge then presented a two minute Sales Talk to three industry judges to explain, "WHY and HOW the breed of heifer they are exhibiting should be used by a commercial beef producer". Sales Talk presentations were scored  with a maximum of 50 points, 10 points based on presentation and 40 points based on content. The scores of the three judges was averaged to establish the final Sales Talk score for each contestant. There were a maximum of 75 contestants that could participate in the contest with 65 actually competing. Our very own Mallory Mobly placed 1st ; therefore, winning a $12,000 scholarship. Also, awarded to Mallory was a $1,000 scholarship through the Commercial Heifer committee of the Ft. Worth Livestock Show. Throughout her high school career Mallory has been awarded a total of $18,500 from the Ft. Worth Livestock Show by exhibiting heifers. 


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