Google Apps for Education & Moodle Integration Update

by Rusty Meyners.  

Recieved email request today for links to info about new Google Apps for Education account features & changes as well as Moodle-Google SSO integration. This is the reply:


First link is a Moodle course I slapped together for a Moodle Mini-Moot at TCEA2010. A little dated but still relevant.
Second is a link found on page above to a wiki covering Moodle-Google SSO integration specifically.
Third & maybe most important are instructions I assembled for setting up Moodle-Google SSO. Though dated,  recent feedback validates their continuing relevance.
The links above are to guides I've written but following is a Google link to info about impending changes in the Apps for Ed accounts. Mainly it's a matter of adding more of the consumer account features to the Apps for Ed Edition as well as transitioning personal accounts that use an email from an Apps for Education domain – they'll need to associate it with a different email address, whether Gmail or 3rd party. This change includes a new feature that diverts a login attempt to an SSO domain's Moodle login page if pertinent.

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