Board Meeting Tonight

by Coy Holcombe.  

The soccer game tonight against Quinlan has been canceled. Instead, the soccer team will be playing the alumni game tonight at Bulldog Stadium.

The HS basketball teams will be hosting Buffalo tonight starting at 5:00.

The EISD Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting tonight. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and be held in the HS library. Agenda items include:

– Approve minutes of previous meetings.

– Consider financial reports

– General reports: Payschools Report

– Consider May 5, 2011 for Employee Appreciation Banquet

– Consider resolution calling for School Board Election on May 14, 2011.

– Consider contract with the City of Eustace for the School Board Election in May.

– Policy Update 89 – First Reading

– Consider agreement with Life Touch Photography for school pictures for the 11-12 school year.

– Update on enrollment and attendance

– Closed Session Items

           – Personnel and staffing

          – Update to Substitute List

          – Superintendent evaluation and contract

          – Student Transfers

– Action on Closed Session items

– Adjourn

Basketball, Soccer, and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the varsity girls and boys basketball teams on their victories over Blooming Grove on Friday.

Also, congratulations to the boys soccer team on their great performance at the Eustace Tournament this past weekend. After a long Saturday, the Bulldogs won 2nd place!! Great job to the players and coach Cody Taylor!

This Week:

Monday – In-service day – holiday for students;

Tuesday – HS basketball v. Buffalo – 5:00; Soccer v. Quinlan – 5:30; Board Meeting, HS Library – 7:00 PM

Thursday – Band – All-Region Clinic; MS Basketball – Girls at Blooming Grove, Boys v. Blooming Grove – 5:00; Boys soccer at Palestine Tournament

Friday – Band – All-Region Clinic and Concert; HS basketball at Leon; Boys soccer at Palestine Tournament

Saturday – Boys soccer at Palestine Tournament; Powerlifting meet at Mabank – 8:30

3rd Six Weeks – By the Numbers

by Coy Holcombe.  

Below are the attendance and finance numbers through the 3rd six weeks. As you can see, right now, we are still holding our own with regards to attendance. That translates to the district earning slightly more than was budgeted. If you have any questions regarding these numbers, please feel free to contact me at

Budget vs. Payment vs. Actual 2010-2011      
  Earned (Est.) Budget Earned v. Budget
ADA 1395.6118 1373.841 21.7708
High School ADA 409.73 407.58 2.15
SE FTE 45.1893 46.2708 -1.0815
Mainstream ADA 47.025 47.5111 -0.4861
CATE 56.2729 61.637 -5.3641
GT Students 56.67 67 -10.33
Comp 1058.8 1041.8 17
Bilingual 8.80 9.914 -1.114
Reg Block $6,698,518 $6,556,268 $142,250
SE $983,293 $998,521 -$15,228
CATE $393,213 $430,944 -$37,731
GT $34,899 $41,341 -$6,442
Comp $1,096,070 $1,079,096 $16,974
High School Allotment $112,675 $112,085 $590
Bilingual $4,554 $5,134 -$580
Trans $139,400 $139,400 $0
Total Tier I $9,462,622 $9,362,789 $99,833
Less Local $4,817,342 $4,817,342 $0
Tier I $4,645,280 $4,545,447 $99,833
Tier II $413,648 $405,400 $8,248
Additional State Aid For Tax Reduction $91,244 $90,563 $681
Staff Allotment $49,500 $49,500 $0
  $5,199,672 $5,090,910 $108,762
Less Available $302,245 $302,245 $0
Less Title XIV $250,202 $250,202 $0
Total Foundation School Fund $4,647,225 $4,538,463 $108,762
Available School Fund $114,372 $114,372 $0
Tech $41,394 $40,748 $646
EDA $0 $0 $0
Title XIV $438,075 $438,075 $0
Total State Aid $5,241,066 $5,131,658 $109,408

State Revenue Estimate

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, the state comptroller, Susan Combs, released the revenue estimates for the 2012-2013 biennium. Overall, the comptroller estimates that the state will take in about $77.3 billion during the biennium. Of this amount, approximately $800 million will go to the rainy day fund and another $4.3 billion will be needed to offset the budget shortfall for the 2010-2011 biennium. That will leave about $72.2 billion for the 2012-2013 biennium.

 Depending on the source, estimates on the budget deficit for the 2012-2013 biennium range between $15 billion and $27 billion. Last session, the legislature established an $87 billion budget. Using that figure, would put the deficit at $15 billion. However, other groups are saying that in order to provide comparable services today and to accommodate expansion, it will take a $99 billion budget. With that thinking, comes the $27 billion deficit.

Attached to this entry is the comptroller's report on expected revenue. While it is a rather lengthy document, I encourage everyone to take some time and go through it. For the most part, it is straight forward.

The coming legislative session will be challenging for all those involved. As information becomes available, I will pass it on.

School Delay and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

Thanks to everyone for working together this morning. We are very fortunate that the roads were not much worse than they were. Anytime that such a decision must be made, we will always err on the side of caution. Also, I urge everyone to be careful throughout the next couple of days. We will be experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of this school year.

Congratulations to the varsity girls and varsity boys basketball teams on their wins against Mildred last Friday!

This Week:

Tuesday – HS Basketball – Bye

Wednesday – Skating Trip – Intermediate

Thursday – Semester Awards Day – Intermediate; MS Basketball  – Boys at Malakoff; Girls v. Malakoff – 5:00 PM; Girls Soccer Tournament at Palestine; Eustace Boys Soccer Tournament;

Friday – HS Basketball v. Blooming Grove; Girls Soccer Tournament at Palestine; Eustace Boys Soccer Tournament

Saturday – Power Lifting Meet at Rice – 8:30 AM; Girls Soccer Tournament at Palestine; Eustace Boys Soccer Tournament

I hope everyone has a great week!

Bad Weather Information

by Coy Holcombe.  

With the first threat of winter weather this school year, it would be a good time to review the procedures if bad weather becomes a factor in dismissing school or causing a delay or cancelation. First, for information on closures or delayed starts, tune to KCKL radio (95.9 FM), Channel 5 (NBC TV out of DFW), or Channel 8 (ABC TV out of DFW) for information. Information will also be provided on the district's website (, on Twitter, and on our electronic marquee.

Information on delays or closures will be provided as early as possible. Roads will be checked early in the morning for any possible dangers. A decision will be made based on the conditions of the roads at that time. EISD will always err on the side of being overly cautious in making these decisions. I do ask that people be aware of how oddly winter weather can be. A few years ago an ice storm that closed districts to our north, including Mabank, just did not have an impact on our roads. As such we had school when neighboring districts did not.

If winter weather causes a need for early dismissal, every effort will be made to notify parents of the early dismissal. The main factor in an early dismissal will be road conditions. If we feel like the road conditions are worsening, EISD will not hesitate to dismiss early.

Winter weather is always a challenge for schools and for families. We must all work together with our overall goal being the safety of all those involved. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

School Board Recognition Month

by Coy Holcombe.  

January has been proclaimed School Board Recognition Month by Governor Rick Perry. In his proclamation, Governor Perry states, "The people who make up these boards volunteer their time because they care about their communities and their schools."

Our school board members spend hours dealing with issues that affect the quality of education our children receive. At a minimum, they attend one regular monthly board meeting. Often times, there are hearings and called meetings that take place throughout the year. In addition, the board members must be committed to attending workshops and conferences at least once a year.

Please join me in thanking our board members for all they do for our students, staff, and community. The EISD Board of Trustees are:

Diane Russ – President

Thomas Frazier – Vice President

Sara McAtee – Secretary

Mike Smith – Member

Cotton Walker – Member

Gary Walsh – Member

Sonny Hodge – Member

This Week and This Semester

by Coy Holcombe.  

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great break. Today, we are starting our second semester and 4th six weeks. This semester is somewhat longer than the first semester. The first semester had 80 school days: the second semester has 100 school days. The 4th six weeks will end on February 18. The 5th six weeks will run from February 21 to April 15. The 6th and final six weeks will start on April 18 and go through June 2.

There will be a staff development day on January 17. Spring break will be from March 14 – March – 18. Bad weather days are scheduled for April 22 and May 3. May 30 is the Memorial Day holiday. June 1 and June 2 will be early release days.

This Week:

Tuesday – District basketball vs. Teague – 5:00 PM; Soccer v. Kemp – 6:00 PM

Thursday – Report cards issued; Perfect attendance and Right Choice Rewards – Intermediate; MS basketball – boys at Blooming Grove – girls v. Blooming Grove – 5:00 PM

Friday – HS Basketball at Mildred – 5:00 PM; Soccer v. Van – 6:00 PM

I hope everyone has a great week!