Update on School Funding

Over the last couple of days, there seems to be a possible shift in how the state might deal with the expected cuts to school funding. Up until now, it was thought that a reduction of funds for public education would also bring about a change in how the actual school funding formulas work. For example, there have been proposals that would eliminate target revenue as the driving force in school funding, change the weights (such as for career and technology classes) in the funding formula, eliminate certain funding programs (High School Allotment, Staff Allotments), among other things. The only problem, is that none of the bills currently addressing these areas have actually been passed, or for that matter even debated on in the full house or senate.

Now, it seems that there is talk of proration. Proration, last used in the 80s, would take our current funding formulas and reduced payments based on those formulas proportionally among school districts. To be clear, there would not be a direct proportional reduction equally among all districts: various factors would influence how much proration a district would face. For example, a district such as Eustace would possible see the August payment delayed until September and the June and July payments eliminated completely.

Regardless of the terms used, districts, including Eustace, will be facing less state funding in the coming biennium. This reduction in funding will result in budget cuts for EISD. Right now, we are still waiting to learn exactly how much we will need to cut.

EISD did receive a bit of good news the other day. We were notified that we will receive $266,000 from the federal Education Jobs Fund Grant. This is more than initial estimates, but still less than what we will lose in state funding.

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