Top 10 Banquet

Last night, EHS held its annual Top 10 Banquet to honor the top graduating students and educators that have made an impact on their life. The banquet was held at the Cedar Creek Country Club. Following the meal, students read a letter written to an educator that they had chosen to honor. The educator was presented with a framed copy of the letter. Below are the top ten students and the educator they honored:

  1. Allie Cass – Stan Sowers, HS Principal
  2. Alex Pharmakis – Mark Ferrell, HS Social Studies & Bible History Teacher
  3. Nancy Murff – Lisa Bynum, HS Spanish Teacher
  4. Vanessa Lopez – Jeff Brown, HS Government/Economics Teacher and Coach
  5. Amalie Arambula – Shelby Adams, HS Assistant Principal
  6. Shelley Temple – Chuck Powers, HS Science Teacher and Coach
  7. Mallory Mobly – Theresa Tindel, HS Ag Sciences Teacher
  8. Taylor Brown – Cody Taylor, HS SAT/ACT Teacher
  9. Owen Babcock – Amy Huggins, 4th Grade Teacher
  10. Bradley Sawicki – Chris Caronna, HS Math Teacher and Trainer

Congratulations to the students and the educators!

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