UIL Update

I closed my last post by talking about how soon we would be starting practice sessions for  football, volleyball, cross country, and band. One of the sessions that I attended at the Summer Conference focused on UIL issues. The conference was conducted by Dr. Mark Cousins. Below is a summary of the session:

  • Rule Changes
    • Football – allow scrimmages after six days of contact, rather than seven
    • Baseball & Softball – allow three games to be substituted in place of a tournament
    • Band – allowing for a brief band director’s study period for the sight-reading contest.
  • Officials
    • Litigation with the sports officials organization continues
    • Possibility of 2011-12 school year being conducted under 09-10 rules for officials
  • Reclassification and Realignment
    • Reclassification and realignment will take place this year. Numbers submitted in October and announcements made in February.
    • This will be the first year that information is submitted electronically.
    • All districts will have their information stored in a database that will be accessible by the public.
    • Districts will have the opportunity to review information that was submitted.
    • The split division will likely continue in 2A.
    • 1A-3A will continue with 3 teams to the playoffs.
    • The realignment process will start at the 5A level. There can only be 245 teams in 5A. Once this is established other divisions will done.
  • Legislature
    • Appears that steroid testing will continue for another 2 years.
    • Concussions – any student even suspected of a concussion like injury will not be allowed to participate until cleared.
    • Applies to every UIL activity.
    • All football helmets will have to be individually inventoried so that districts can keep track of age and reconditioning.
    • UIL is working on an implementation guide for the new concussion guidelines.




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