Resources for Tier Three Technology Integration

Yesterday, the TIS team trained staff members on “The Three Tiers of Technology Integration” in order to pass along information we had received during the TCEA “Texas Steps Up” Training with Monica Martinez.

Moving toward technology innovation in the classroom can be a daunting task as teachers juggle curriculum, discipline  and state-based assessments that often seem to conflict with the 21st century skills that we now need to cultivate in our students. Teachers need dynamic resources and support in order to become facilitators for this process. One of the best “one-stop-shopping” posts has been put together on 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning by Michael Gorman.

In his post on 21st Century Ed Tech and Learning, Gorman  has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for teachers to use in classroom for PBL and STEM. He also includes a short list of  free software that supports STEM-based PBL.

It can seem at a glance that the resources found in this post are dedicated to the upper-level grades, but please do look further! I am a novice blogger, and my very first post this year was about BIE, The Buck Institite for Education. This site has rubrics for the primary grades as well as a  comprehensive library of activities from which teachers can pull or use as a launching point for ideas. This library can be searched by subject and level and may be a great place to start, so…..let’s get started!  And let me know how I can help!

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