Must Have App for Teachers!

Ever at the end of your rope in dealing with student behavior? Do you need new “tools” for your toolbox when dealing with disruptive classroom conduct? Now there’s an app for that!!

“You Can Handle Them All” is a FREE app from iTunes full of suggestions for managing those little behavioral issues that creep into the classroom to steal your instructional time. Just select the student behavior from the list, and this app not only offers strategies for impacting that student behavior, it also proffers possible reasons for that student’s conduct. Now I can’t promise that you will agree with the solutions offered by “You Can Handle Them All”, but since its free, it is certainly worth a try!

So, the next time a student challenges your authority or your sanity, “take 10”, breathe, whip out your phone, and open “You Can Handle Them All”. If nothing else, it will give you time to “cool off”!

Thanks to Molly for sharing this great app! It is now on our school’s iPads in case you want to check it out!

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