Web 2.0

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

The web is so full of new games, gadgets and gooeys (gui-s?)  that finding the new or the useful can be complicated. I sometimes become so distracted while “resource surfing” that I forget what I was looking for in the first place!So, to keep me on track, there is a website that I use when looking for “new” stuff to try: Go To Web 2.0!

Go To Web 2.0 is easy to use because you can search the index of tools by using “tags”. So, if I need a photo tool to create a gallery for display, you can use those tags to weed through it all, winnowing thousands of resources to just a few! That is how I discovered Blipfoto.com, a daily photo-journaling site.

There is also a newer site I have been using: Web 2.0’s Top 1000 List!. This site comes from Web 2.0 Search Engine, but the new site is in a list format in which all the most popular web 2.0 tools have been neatly organized!

As you search, keep in mind that not all things are free, but, with so many resources at our disposal, these searching sites can provide you with the options you need as you are looking for new technology tools to spice up instruction and learning in your classroom!

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