Share Our Nation's History

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

Great resources from Scholastic. com on “The First Thanksgiving”.

I always think of the month of November as the month of “thankfulness”: a time to really focus on all our of blessings both at home and in our nation. As educators, I believe it is critical that we share our country’s rich history and develop an early appreciation within our students for the freedoms and gifts we enjoy as Americans, and this experience doesn’t need to rest solely on the doorstep of the Social Studies or History teacher. Integrated learning experiences can bring the past to life, reveal the timeline of science, technology, and history, and expose the true value of the”everyday” things that we now take for granted. Read the journals of the pilgrims, study the diseases that claimed so many lives, wonder over the tools and materials that had to be hand-crafted, and marvel at the courage of those who dared to leave everything for the unknown. Could we have done the same?

So, get involved this season by sharing the past with the students who will create our future. If you need a great place to get started in looking for ways to engage your students, Scholastic has wonderful resources for all age groups and includes videos, a timeline, and a tour of the Mayflower.  Teachers First is another great site and the lessons often include great technology tools such as Tagxedo, Vocaroo, and VoiceThread.
Take advantage of this season to share our history as we nurture our students to become productive citizens of tomorrow.

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