How Many Words Do You Know?

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

How many words do you know? Would you like to find out? Then Word Dynamo is for you!

Word Dynamo is an excellent game site from . Word Dynamo is a fun way to enhance vocabulary skills. First, Word Dynamo has the user answer 10 questions to obtain a word score, and then the fun begins!

If an account is created in Word Dynamo then the user receives a customized homepage so that personal progress can be tracked. Word Dynamo covers words from all subject areas including SAT and ACT words. This sites offers challenges appropriate for all ages. In the word challenge games are designed specifically for the users skill level and as levels are mastered then new challenges are unlocked. Word Dynamo allows users to practice vocabulary skills with activities offered that include matching, crossword puzzle, writing, listening, and flashcards.
In Word Dynamo you can create an account, then receive a customized homepage that tracts your progress.

I learned about Word Dynamo from Kelly Tenkely’s blog iLearn Technology. I highly recommend Word Dynamo and iLearn Technologyand find out what you have been missing.

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