via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Starfall is a wonderful website for young and/or struggling readers. Starfall is free and promotes reading with phonics and phonemic awareness. This site is designed for students in Pre-K through second grades, as well as students in special education and English language learners.

Starfall begins with the basics of letters and their sounds. Starfall names the letters and their sounds so that beginner readers can see and hear the letter. Starfall then associates the letter with a word that begins with the letter. Students are able to practice hearing and reading words with the letter sounds they are working on. The practice is fun for the kids and Starfall provides positive feedback for the readers!

Starfall then moves on to making words to match prictures, reading sentences, and short stories all the while engaging the reader with bright and fun images and providing positive feedback. Starfall is self-directed so that students are able to move at their own pace. Starfall also offers printable materials to help practice writing letters and to reinforce letters that readers are currently learning.

Starfall is definitely a site worth checking out.

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