MS MovieMaker Versions and Considerations

Following is a response to a Technology Interest Group email discussion on this subject and may receive additional edits or updates as appropriate.

There are actually about 3 main versions of MS MovieMaker  – not counting “Live” which so far everyone here has agreed to discount. Two of them can work on XP or Win7 netbooks and each has their strong points as well as caveats to consider for use on Win7 workstations as well. The info below is largely off the top of my head (if an inaccuracy is found, let me know and I’ll attempt to correct it):


1.       MovieMaker XP (I THINK it’s official tag is something like MM2.0)

a.       Works reasonably on Atom (preferably 1.66ghz) processor laptops

b.      Includes webcam capture

c.       DVD production features not included (if I recall correctly)

d.      “Hack” available to put this version on Vista or Win7

i.      webcam capture would be the reason for using this hack

ii.      Hacked version CAN run alongside other MM versions

2.       MovieMaker Vista (real tag might be something like MM6)

a.       MOST POWERFUL VERSION OVERALL – use this one if your workstation can handle it but not on netbooks

b.      DVD production features included (as I recall)

c.       HiDef capabilities included (as I recall)

d.      More transitions and effects than XP (as I recall)

e.      “Hack” available to put this version on Win7 with compatible hardware

i.      Superior features to MM “Live” being the reason for this hack

ii.      Hacked version can run alongside other MM versions

3.       MovieMaker 2.6 – Think of it as MM Vista modified (dumbed-down)- chronologically this one is third but logically it belongs between the other two

a.       Has most features of Vista version EXCEPT HiDef (& maybe some effects) which has been removed to be compatible with more hardware, including Win7 netbooks

b.      This is the one you can download from

c.       DVD features and (possibly) additional transitions & effects might be reasoning for possibly using this on XP (if I’m recalling that part accurately)


I’m not saying netbooks are video production machines – any class that specializes in that should not plan on them as a vehicle – but they are serviceable in producing routine video submissions for core classes and others where intense technical artistry are not the point.

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