via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Youngzine is an online source of news, sports and entertainment for elementary age kids. Students will find stories that interest them, as well as videos to watch. The news stories provided by Youngzine contain a Google map that placemarks where the story is taking place so that students can place visually place a story on a map. Youngzine offers students the chance to read about current events and news shaping stories written specifically with young kids in mind. The Youngzine material is engaging and interactive.

Youngzine not only offers articles on world and current events but you can also find articles on science, technology, earth, society, and art. Youngzine also offers a students a fun place to play games, watch videos and read funny, engaging comic strips.

Teachers are can register their classes with Youngzine. With class registration not only are student reading the material but they can begin to interact with the materials as well. Students can post comments on articles, rate articles, and participate in class discussions online created by the teacher.

Youngzine is a safe site. The creators work hard to maintian that safe reputation by keeping the material appropriate and on age level. Youngzine can be a great resource to compliment the academic material that you are presenting in your class. It is definitely worth checking out.

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