Where Does a Dollar Go in EISD?

As of December 12, 362 school districts are now members of the Texas Taxpayers and Student Fairness Coalition. This coalition has filed a lawsuit against the state challenging the current school funding system. EISD is a member of this coalition. Another group of school districts have recently filed their own lawsuit against the state; however, the Texas Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition is the only group that is challenging the funding system in both equity and adequacy.

The Equity Center recently published an article about the “weights” given to compensatory and bilingual education. EISD does not receive that much funding for bilingual education because we do not have that many bilingual students. However, we receive a large amount of funding through the compensatory grant. These funds are based on the number of students that receive either free or reduced priced meals. The greater the number, the more funds a district receives. Currently, all districts in the state receive 20% of this calculated number. For EISD, we receive a little over $1 million in compensatory funding. This is a major component of our state aid. In the article, it is pointed out that a recent Interim Committee study supported raising the weight for compensatory to 40%. In other words, EISD and every other district in the state, should be receiving double the amount of compensatory money that we currently receive. Although this study was commissioned by the Texas legislature, the recommendations were not adopted.

Now, onto the title of this post. Where does a dollar go in EISD? We know how much money is budgeted for each category of expense in the district. Calculating the percent of the total budget is a straight forward operation. Based on the total 2011-2012 budget, you can use these percents to calculate how much of each dollar EISD receives goes to a specific area. To see how each dollar is spent in EISD, click on the link below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net.



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