Employee Counts

Over the past several months, there has been much written about the ratio of teachers to non-teachers in school districts. The argument has been made that school districts have a disproportionate number of non-teaching positions compared to teaching positions. In fact, some have gone so far as to make the statement that there is a 1 to 1 ratio of teachers to administrators in school districts across the state of Texas (meaning that for every teacher in a district, there is also some type of administrator).

I thought that it would be informative to look at the breakdown of employees in EISD. Below is the count from our budget worksheet for 2011-2012. While this count certainly might change slightly during the school year because of many factors, the numbers will usually remain constant.

Teachers – 104 – 43% – By far the largest group of employees in the district are teachers.

Instructional Aides – 24 – 10% – These aides might assist specific teachers, be computer lab aides, ISS aides, etc.

Food Service – 21 – 9% – These employees staff our three kitchens in the district. This count also includes our food service director. While we operate 4 lunchrooms, the Primary and Intermediate share a kitchen. These employees operate in a self-sufficient fund. No local money is used to pay for these employees’ salaries or benefits.

Bus Drivers – 20 – 8% – Many of our bus drivers are also employed at other jobs in the district.

Maintenance – 15 – 6% – This includes our maintenance director, our maintenance staff, and our custodial staff.

Secretaries – 10 – 4% – This includes the secretaries and receptionists at all of our campuses and special services.

Central Office – 8 – 3% – This includes all the people that work in central office (superintendent, assistant superintendent, business manager, tax collector, payroll, accounts payable, administrative assistant and receptionist).

District Special Education – 6 – 2% – Now that EISD has its own special education department, we also have district wide special education employees. These employees include the special education director, diagnostician, LSSP, vision specialist, case worker, and speech therapists.)

Counselors – 5 – 2% – We have 1 counselor at each of the Primary, Intermediate, and Middle School campuses. We have a counselor and academic advisor at the High School.

Principals – 4 – 2% – One principal at each campus.

Nurse/Nurse Aides – 4 – 2% – We have a registered nurse at the Primary and a nurse aide at each of the other campuses.

Library – 4 – 2% – We have two certified librarians and two library aides.

Technology – 4 – 2% – We have 4 technology employees who maintain our network and all other forms of technology in the district.

Assistant Principals – 3 – 1% – We have 3 assistant principals in the district. The Primary and Intermediate share an assistant principal.

Technology Integration Specialists – 3 – 1% – These employees work with the teachers on utilizing technology in the classrooms. They also provide training to our teachers in the use of technology.

Transportation – 3 – 1% – Transportation director, mechanic, and mechanics helper.

Monitors – 2 – 1% – Bus monitors

Special Services – 1 – less than 1% – Attendance officer

Athletic Director – 1 – less than 1%

Now, if you take all the non-teaching positions and add them up, you would get a number greater than the teaching positions. However, there is not a position listed above that does not contribute to the overall education of our children. While critics would contend that there are too many non-teaching positions, the challenge comes when you start trying to justify eliminating some of these non-teaching positions. Our parents and taxpayers expect that their children will be transported to and from school safely, they expect their students to be furnished nutritious meals at school, and they expect the schools to be safe, clean, and well maintained. They also expect that their children will receive a world-class education at EISD.

It is unfortunate that some people throughout the state fail to realize the importance of all of these people to the educational success of our children. They have chosen to twist numbers and facts to meet their agendas. At EISD, we want people to be well informed and know about the education of their children and about how their tax dollars are spent. If you ever have any questions or concerns about any aspect of EISD, do not hesitate to contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net or call me at (903) 425 – 5299.

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