School Districts Map, Update on Basketball, Update on K Game Night

TEA recently released an updated school district map that shows every school district in the state. It also shows all of the Education Service Center regions. A link to this map is near the top of our homepage. There is also a link to the map at the bottom of this post. The copy on this post and the copy on our homepage are both resized to allow for quicker viewing. The original map from TEA was quite large and would have taken a substantial amount of time to download. Through the resizing, the map is not quite as sharp, but you can still see the districts and read the names.

The HS basketball teams are traveling to Malakoff tonight. The order of play will be a little different than usual. The JV boys will start at 4:30, followed by the JV girls. The varsity boys will then play and the final game will be the varsity girls. All the games will be played at the HS gym in Malakoff.

Also, the Kindergarten Game Night has been moved to Thursday, January 26 from  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM. In my post yesterday, I had reported the the Game Night would be today.

11DistRegmap Reduced Size

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