UIL Realignment

The Mid-Winter conference ended yesterday. Overall, it was one of the best conferences I have attended in recent years. Over the next few days, I will be sharing some of the information I received at the conference. By far, the highlight of the conference was the speech by Robert Scott, Commissioner of Education. Today, I noted that Commissioner Scott is already receiving criticism from some over his speech. It is unfortunate that we have adults in leadership roles in this state that still believe the quality of a student’s education is measured by a number on a standardized test. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with holding schools and educators accountable for student learning; however, trying to measure that learning solely by a test given on one day out of 180 is not logical. I wonder how many adults would like their job performances judged by how they do on one day out of the year: does not seem very practical.

At 9:00 AM today, the UIL will release the realignment for districts for the next two years. The football districts and basketball districts should be released today. The other districts will be released over the next few weeks. Check our Twitter feed on our homepage for information on the realignment.

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