Socrative Student Response System

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My laptop was totally fried all last week, so I was spending the weekend playing catch-up when, as luck would have it,  Amy Mayer of Fried Technology tweeted the most amazing tool ever: Socrative, a student response system. I quickly set up a “room” and ran through all of the quick response options. Awesome!

Since it was such a great tool,  I wanted to try the quiz option in Socrative at school. The quiz creator was easy to use and all I had to do was share my “”room” with the teachers. Only 50 people can participate in an activity, but I hoped to snag as many interested teachers as possible!

Socrative is ideal for quick student responses from ANY device with a web browser. This means students can use a computer, iPod touch, or cell phone…on wi-fi of course! They can even share devices, passing to another student after responding!

The first three response activities rely on the teacher  asking an oral question and students answering by:
Multiple Choice, True/False, or Short Answer.

The Multiple Choice here has 5 choices, listed A through E, and this can’t can’t be changed. Still, this is a fast and efficient way to collect information from the class, and when one class is over, you “clear the class” with a simple push of a button and start over!

Need more? You can also create simple quizzes ahead of time that include short answer and/or multiple choice. Student results can be downloaded or e-mailed and are in EXCEL format. It will actually score any questions that were given in multiple choice form if a correct answer is pre-selected. On top of that, the quiz can be given in a “space race” game format with students in teams–and results are still available in that nice EXCEL spreadsheet.

There is also an “exit ticket” that asks students to rate how well they understood lesson information, to answer the question on the board and to tell in their own words what was learned.

This is an amazing tool, and I can’t believe it is free for now–while it is in its “alpha mode!! To see a Socrative in action, there is a nice little video available on their site. There is also an Android app available and one on the way for Apple.

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