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With so many apps out there, it can be difficult to know what to pick or, sometimes, what is even available. There is help out there, and the newest find for me is This site caught my attention today when Dr. Solis tweeted about something near and dear to my heart: COFFEE!! Actually, coffee apps, but it sent me off to look at this great web site. is an easy to navigate site that has organized apps in a variety of ways. The home page has the latest news on apps. This morning I found out that Garmin is going to be using Google street view in its new Navigon Mobile Navigator App. I really could use that!  It also has AppReviews. After looking at some of the reviews tonight, I added a new word game to my collection by downloading Word Crasher Blitz–slightly addicted to those word games!

In AppGuides  apps have been organized into “highly detailed sub-groups” to help you find the best of everything.Need a drum sequencer app? Of course you do, and there are actually twelve listed in a group and they are ranked as “essential” , “notable”, “decent”, and “other”.

AppCharts lists the top 100 apps for both iPad and iPhone, free and paid, and AppBase quickly finds what is new out there.

AppAdvice also has something called AppLists, “handpicked bundles of apps” related to your interests, hobbies, or habits….which brings me back to what started this whole thing: coffee! The tweet this morning simply mentioned a collection of apps for coffee lovers like me. Perhaps a visit to will feed your habit or hobby as well!

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