It's That Time of Year

I was reading this morning about the severe storms that rolled through the middle of the country last night. As spring approaches, we all realize that the threat of severe weather increases. Today, I thought I would talk about how seriously we take these situations and some of the procedures that we have in place.

Lightening – This is not a phenomenon exclusive to severe weather. If there is a threat of lightening in our area, students will not be allowed outside for recess, P. E., athletics, etc. In the past, we have postponed and/or canceled outdoor activities due to lightening. We will not hesitate to do that in the future. Lightening detectors are utilized any time there is a threat. In addition, we will utilize an overabundance of caution. There is absolutely no reason for outside activities to continue when lightening is a threat.

Severe Storms – All campuses, the adminstration building and the special services building are equipped with NOAA radios. In addition, the radars provided by WFAA are monitored in the event of severe weather. Everyday, the weather forecast for our area is checked for the potential of severe weather. All campuses are equipped with two way radios that are monitored continuously if the threat of severe weather exisits. While severe weather can occur without much warning, we do everything that we can do to monitor and be proactive in our approach to severe weather.

If severe weather is approaching the district near the time that school is dismissed for the day, we will hold students in the buildings until the threat has passed. While this may cause some inconveniences, we will always do what we believe is in the best interest of the children. If severe weather is present at the time that school is starting for the day, we may unload all bus riders at one campus in order to get them to shelter.

All campuses practice shelter in place procedures for severe weather. Unless time prohibits it, all students are moved from gyms, auditoriums, and cafeterias.

Anytime that anyone is seeking shelter during the school day, do not hesitate to come to any school. We will make sure that you and your family members have a safe place until the threat passes.

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