Kid Friendly Search Engines…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis
In the quest for finding safe search engines for our students, I stumbled upon two that are very kid friendly.

The first one is:

Goofram is a combination of Google and Wolfram Alpha.

The second one is:

KidRex offers safe search for kids, by kids.

Though these both have most like been around for awhile, I have just discovered them. I found both Goofram and KidRex to be easy to use and simple in design. Once the searches are generated the page is clean with few distractions.

In my search, I also found Dave Kapuler and his search engine board on Pinterest. There are quite a few on the board and these two are there as well. I can’t wait to checking out all these new search engines. Thanks Dave!

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  1. Seems like Goofram returns adult search results, so you might want to be careful using it based on some simple tests I did. is a good one for kids and used by a lot of schools. It is based on Google SafeSearch, but has added layers of protection when needed.

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