Thanks for a Great Year!!

At 1:30 today, the 2011-2012 school year comes to an end. It just seems like we were starting up a few weeks ago! It takes so many people working together to create a successful school year. I want to thank each and every staff member of EISD for their hard work and dedication to the students. I want to thank all of the parents/guardians, grandparents, other relatives, and friends for their support, involvement,  and for their dedication in the lives of their children.

A special thank you goes to our school board for their hard work and long hours to ensure that we have everything that we need to provide a world-class education to each and every student. Our school board members voluntarily give their time and energy to the district. There is no compensation involved. Our school board members are: Diane Russ, President; Thomas Frazier, Vice President; Gary Walsh, Secretary; Cotton Walker, Member; Sonny Hodge, Member; Bobby Ashton, Member; and, Michael Cates, Member.

Finally, a special thank you to all the students. You have made this a great year by your efforts and many accomplishments. Indeed, you have made it a great time to be a Eustace Bulldog!!

This Week

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day holiday!

The seniors of 2012 are officially graduates. Graduation was held this past Saturday in the E. L. Kirk Gym. We had a standing room only crowd to watch the seniors receive their diplomas. Thanks to everyone that came out to support our seniors. Congratulations to all of the seniors!!!

This Week – Students will have a short week this week. Wednesday and Thursday are early out days, with Thursday being the last day of the 2011-2012 school year.  Friday is a work day for staff.

Wednesday – Intermediate Awards; Early release day – buses run at 1:30.

Thursday – Primary Awards; Early release – buses run at 1:30; Last day of school

Friday – Staff workday

I hope everyone has a great week!

More Microsoft Certifications

The following information was provided to me by Dee Dee Lancaster, technology teacher at the High School:

Congratulations to the following students who passed the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exam for PowerPoint 2007:

1.       Allen, Melody
2.       Baker, Wally
3.       Barrett, Tyler
4.       Greenwood, Charles
5.       Hamilton, Mary
6.       Henson, Amber
7.       House, Jonathan
8.       Jackson, Angela
9.       Letkiewicz, Caleb
10.     Oliver, Chelsea
11.    Peebles, Taylor
12.    Rodriguez, Hope
13.    Sandell, Courtney
14.    Smith, Ridge
15.    Willard, Sydney
16.    Young, Timmie

Congratulations to Ms. Lancaster and all of these students!!


Tomorrow, the Class of 2012 will participate in their last official school activity: graduation. The graduation ceremony will start at 10:00 AM and be held in the E. L. Kirk gymnasium. Doors will open to the public at 9:00 AM. Congratulations to all of the seniors!! They have had a fantastic senior year!

A reminder that Monday, May 28, is a school holiday. All district buildings will be closed in observance of Memorial Day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day!


Before this school year completely slips away, I want to recognize and thank some people that are going to be moving on to another phase in their lives. Currently, we have four people that are retiring from EISD at the end of this school year: Geraldine Carson, Harold Hemphill, Ann Shoecraft, and Clare Bradburn. Geraldine Carson has been in education for 41 years. She has been a part of Eustace ISD for the past 33 years. For the past several years, she has taught sixth grade science at the Middle School. Mrs. Carson has been instrumental in establishing a love of science in the students that she has taught through the years. On Tuesday of this week, Mrs. Carson was honored with a reception at the Middle School

Harold Hemphill, our bus mechanic and a bus driver, will be retiring after 25 years of service with the district. Harold can repair any vehicle the district owns. He has been an invaluable part of our transportation staff over the past 25 years. He has saved the district literally thousands upon thousands of dollars with his knowledge and expertise of vehicle repair. He has made sure that our students always have safe transportation to school and back home. Harold will be honored with a reception this Friday at the Transportation Facility. The reception will start around 4:30.

Ann Shoecraft has been in education a total of 22 years. The past 6 years she has worked at Eustace High School. She has taught HS English and speech. Because of her advance degree, she has also been able to teach dual-credit speech. Having someone with Ms. Shoecraft’s knowledge and expertise has meant that our high school students have been able to take college level courses without leaving Eustace. This has been a tremendous benefit for our students. Ms. Shoecraft will be honored with a reception next Tuesday, from 3:30 – 4:30 in the HS library.

Clare Bradburn, after two years with EISD and a total of 30 years in education, will be retiring at the end of this school year. Mrs. Bradburn teaches pre-k at Eustace Primary. Although not with the district as long as the other retirees, Mrs. Bradburn’s professionalism and knowledge of pre-k teaching has helped build our pre-k program into the best in this area. Her love for teaching is only surpassed by her love for her students. Mrs. Bradburn will be honored with a reception next Wednesday at 1:30 in the Primary library.

On behalf of EISD, I want to thank each one of these retirees for their dedication and devotion to the students of EISD. Altogether, we are losing over 118 years of experience with these four individuals. We are grateful that each one chose to share their talents and gifts with the students, parents, and staff of Eustace ISD. We wish each one a very happy retirement!!


2011 Snapshot Data

The following information has just been published by TEA and is available through the TEA website. The direct link to the website is This data is called the Snapshot information for EISD for 2011. This information is extracted from the PEIMS datat that is submitted by the district to TEA. Since this is only the Snapshot data, some of the information, such as the TAKS scores, have been presented in a very condensed format. As you look through this data, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

District Name EUSTACE ISD
County Number and Name 107 HENDERSON
Education Service Center Region Region 7
1. District Accountability Ratings Recognized
2. Total Number of Schools 4
————- STUDENTS ————-
3. Total Students 1,478
4. % African American 1
5. % Hispanic 9
6. % White 87
7. % Other 3
8. % Economically Disadvantaged 69.5
9. % LEP 1
10. % Special Education 12
11. % Bilingual/ESL Education 1
12. % Career & Technical Education 23
13. % Gifted & Talented Education 4
14. Attendance Rate (2009-10) 96.7
15. Annual Dropout Rate Gr. 7-8 (2009-10) 0.0
16. Longitudinal Dropout Rate Gr. 9-12 (Class of 2010) 4.3
17. Annual Graduate Count (Class of 2010) 89
18. Longitudinal Graduation Rate (Class of 2010) 91.5
————— TAKS —————
19. All Tests Taken 79
20. Reading/ELA 91
21. Writing 97
22. Mathematics 88
23. Science 86
24. Social Studies 94
25. African American 75
26. Hispanic 79
27. White 78
28. Other 85
29. Economically Disadvantaged 75
30. Exit-Level Cumulative Pass Rate 93
31. Percent Tested 51.4
32. Percent At or Above Criterion 31.6
33. SAT – Average Score 997
34. ACT – Average Score 21.8
————– STAFF —————
35. Total Staff FTE 234
36. Total Teacher FTE 108
37. % Central Administrative 1
38. % School Administrative 3
39. % Professional Support Staff 9
40. % Teachers 46
41. % Educational Aides 13
42. % Auxiliary Staff 27
43. Average Central Administrative Salary 81,044
44. Average School Administrative Salary 67,748
45. Average Professional Support Staff Salary 51,541
46. Average Teacher Salary 43,902
47. % Minority 4
48. Number of Students Per Total Staff 6.3
49. Number of Students Per Teacher 13.7
————- TEACHERS ————-
50. % With 5 or Fewer Years of Experience 29.7
51. Average Years of Experience 13.0
52. % With Advanced Degrees 15.1
53. Teacher Turnover Rate 15.5
54. % African American 0
55. % Hispanic 1
56. % White 99
57. % Other 0
58. % Regular Education 83
59. % Special Education 7
60. % Compensatory Education 6
61. % Bilingual/ESL Education 0
62. % Career & Technical Education 3
63. % Other Education (Includes G & T) 1
64. Taxable Value Per Pupil 342,758
65. Locally Adopted Tax Rate 1.276
66. Total Revenue (2009-10) 13,996,965
67. Total Revenue Per Pupil 9,587
68. % State 44
69. % Local and Other 47
70. % Federal 9
71. Fund Balance (End of 2009-10) 2,036,775
72. % Fund Balance (of 2010-11 Budget) 19
73. Total Expenditures (2009-10) 14,328,411
74. Total Operating Expenditures (2009-10) 12,280,762
75. Total Operating Expenditures Per Pupil 8,411
76. % Instructional 59
77. % Central Administrative 6
78. % School Leadership 5
79. % Plant Services 9
80. % Other Operating 20
81. Total Instructional Expenditures 7,255,010
82. Total Instructional Expenditures Per Pupil 4,969
83. % Regular Education 61
84. % Special Education 12
85. % Accelerated Education 17
86. % Bilingual/ESL Education 0
87. % Career & Technical Education 5
88. % Gifted & Talented Education 0
89. % Athletics/Related Activities 4
90. % High School Allotment 2
91. % Other Expenditures 0

Top 10 Banquet

Last night, EHS hosted the 8th annual Top Ten Banquet at Cedar Creek Country Club. The Top Ten Banquet not only honors the top ten graduates, it allows those graduates to acknowledge and honor an educator that has influenced their life. Last night the top ten graduates of 2012 honored the following teachers:

Jacob McCarter  – Robin McCarter

Natalie Bonner – Eddie Schieffer

Shelby Stegent – Lisa Bynum

Ben Huddleston – Josh Sypert

Kara Zimmerer – Cody Smith

Cody Marple – Todd Felty

Shawna Barrett – Amy Huggins

Allison Bradbury – Vikki GoDair

Timothy Gassman – Chris Powers

Cali Smith – Kathleen Krumm

Congratulations to these students and to these teachers!

Athletic Banquet and This Week

The annual Athletic Banquet was held this past Saturday at the First Baptist Church. During the banquet, each sport and the athletes that competed in that sport were recognized. Special awards were also given out during the banquet. Below is a list of the honors announced at the banquet:

  • Casey Herring presented EASA scholarships to Ashley Crow and Timothy Gassman.
  • Megan Renteria was awarded the TVCC Volleyball Officials Association scholarship.
  • Coaches Dottie Hawthorne and Dalinda Cassell were recognized for their work in softball.
  • Wendy Renteria and Laura Ward received special recognition for their work in the Athletic Booster Club.
  • In volleyball, Casey Bramblitt was named Newcomer of the Year and Catania Grant was named MVP.
  • In girls cross country, the Heart Award went to Kara Zimmerer. Megan Gunter received the MVP award.
  • In boys cross country, Jason Ballenger received the Heart Award and Evan Arambula received MVP honors.
  • In girls basketball, Megan Renteria received Role Player of the Year. The Newcomer of the Year was Casey Bramblitt. The Defensive MVP was Chelsea Oldham and the Offensive MVP was Catania Grant.
  • In boys basketball, Josh Dunn received the Bulldog Heart Award. Tyson Oliver was named the Defensive Player of the Year and Kyle Wood was named the Offensive Player of the Year. Jacob McCarter was named MVP.
  • In boys golf, Cody Penwarden was named MVP.
  • In soccer, Cory Whately was named Newcomer of the Year. The MVP award went to Gavin Kirkhart.
  • In baseball, the Offensive Player of the Year was Trevor Lane. The Defensive Player of the Year was Jordan Foote.The MVP was awarded to Tyson Oliver.
  • In girls track, the Newcomer of the Year went to Noa Taylor, Madi Allen, and Grace Holcombe. The MVP Award went to Jaci Aiken, Tori Aiken, and Catania Grant.
  • In boys track, Cory Whatley received the Bulldog Pride award. The MVP award went to Jacob McCarter.
  • Male Athlete of the Year was Jacob McCarter.
  • Female Athlete of the Year was Catania Grant.
  • The Booster Club Scholarship went to Megan Renteria.

At the end of the banquet, the seniors participated in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. A video of this ceremony will be on the EISD YouTube channel later today.

I want to thank all of the officers and members of the Athletic Booster Club for all their hard work and long hours this year. A special thank you for a great Athletic Banquet!! Finally, a special thank you to Wendy Renteria and Laura Ward for their service to the Athletic Booster Club.

This Week

Primary Field Days – May 22- 24

Monday – Top Ten Banquet

Wednesday – Baccalaureate Service – 7:00 PM – First Baptist Church

Thursday – Early Childhood Graduation

Friday – Right Choice Picnic and Skating – Primary; Perfect Attendance, Right Choice, and All A’s Reward Day – Intermediate

Saturday – Graduation – 10:00 AM E. L. Kirk Gymnasium

Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day Holiday

I hope everyone has a great week!