Does Your Class Blog?

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis
I have recently had the pleasure of helping a couple of first grade teachers begin classroom blogs.


This process has been so much fun for me. I have enjoyed the excitement of the kids as they are writing for the class blog and as they wait expectantly to see if someone has read and commented on their blog.

Through this process, I was sharing my experiences with a colleague, Twyla Felty (Technology Tidbits), who shared my story with her daughter, a kindergarten teacher. Her daughter was inspired by the story other teachers and began a classroom blog for her kindergarten class and her little one love it!

Blogging gives these kiddos the opportunity to share the exciting things they are learning in class. Blogs engage and motivate kids and create pleasure in their work. Students are able to engage in a student-centered learning environment in which they collaborate with their peers and their creativity is encouraged and displayed. Blogs provide a real audience that goes beyond the teacher. They are able to share their work parents, grandparents, and friends. Students are provided the opportunity to engage with other people all over the world.

Blogs not only support and encourage the Language Arts content area, but using the blog statistics you can also incorporate multiple content areas such Math and Geography. Blogs can be fabulous tools to support the learning in all classrooms! I am a proponent for classroom blogging and suggest trying in your classroom. If you are not sure how to start, I suggest contact your Technology Integration Person! If you do not have the support of a Tech Integration Specialist then feel free to contact me, I would enjoy helping you out! And if you have a few minutes please take the time to visit the class blogs I have shared i this post. These kids would love to hear from you!

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