Funky, Fun Photo Editing…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

PicMonnkey is a fun, new photo editor. PicMonnkey has no required login and as of now the components are free. There are many components to try out. PicMonnkey has basic edits like cropping, rotating, exposure and color. It also has effects that allow you change the processing/exposure appearance which will allow it soften the process, give it a dusk appearance. PicMonnkey also allows touch-ups to repair blemishes and red eyes. As you can see from my photo, I had fun playing with the editing tools.

PicMonnkey also offers options like text, overlays, frames, and textures.

As of now all components of PicMonnkey are free. However, PicMonnkey, does have what they refer to as Royal Effects and these are free for now but PicMonnkey advises that membership is coming.

PicMonnkey is funky and fun and could be a great tool for editing pictures for blogs and websites. Students could use this site to edit photographs for projects and various other creative assignments. Have some fun and try out PicMonnkey.

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