Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Band Tonight

Tonight our Lady Bulldogs are in district volleyball action against Kemp. The varsity will play at 4:30 in the Kirk Gym. After the varsity game is over, the freshman and JV will play at the same time in different gyms. One team will play in the Kirk Gym and one will play in the High School gym. I encourage everyone to come out and support our Lady Bulldogs in this district contest.

At 7:30, the Bulldogs return to the field to take on Canton in the first football game of the 2012 season. It’s been a couple of years since the Bulldogs and Eagles have played each other. Again, I encourage everyone to come out and support the Bulldogs. Not only will you get to see the Bulldogs on the field, but you will also get a chance to see the best cheerleading squad in the region and the return of the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band.

If you cannot make it out to tonight’s games, follow the scoring on Twitter (@EustaceISD) or on our homepage.

A reminder that Monday, September 3, is Labor Day and a school holiday. Classes will resume at normal times on Tuesday, September 4.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and happy Labor Day.

After School Program

This year, EISD will be introducing an after school program for students in grades 6-12. This program will be designed to allow students access to Internet resources, staff members, and other students for help in completing assignments. The program will begin in about 2 weeks. It will be located in the High School library and will run from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Monday – Thursday.

In essence, the after school program will provide a place for students to work on school assignments outside the regular school day. There will be a certified teacher, an instructional aide, and up to three High School students available to offer assistance. However, this program is not just for students that may need help with homework. This program will provide students a place to just work on completing assignments. It will also provide access to all of the district’s technology resources.

Right now, the program is only open to students in grades 6-12. If successful, we are looking at the possibility of expanding the program to include younger students; however, if this happens, it would be at another campus. Also, transportation is not provided. Students and parents will have to provide their own way home.

More information will be furnished when the program is started. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Bulldog Bash

I want to thank everyone for coming out to the Bulldog Bash Monday night! We had a packed gym at the High School where fans were introduced to our band, cheerleaders, cross country teams, volleyball teams, football teams, and the EASA football teams and cheerleaders. In addition, those in attendance also were introduced to our coaching staffs and all of the High School faculty. A special thank you goes out to Shelley Compton and all the of the Booster Club officers for their work in preparing for this annual event.

For those that were unable to attend, or if you just want to see it all over again,  there is a video of the Bulldog Bash posted to the Eustace ISD YouTube channel. Follow this link to get to the Eustace channel:


Updated Enrollment Numbers

The second day of the 2012-2013 school brought more students to EISD. At the end of yesterday, the overall enrollment in the district was 1,430. By campus the breakdown is as follows:

Primary – 395
Intermediate – 311
Middle – 350
High School – 374

Right now. we know that we are going to have to address the issue of too many students and not enough teachers in kindergarten. We are going to wait until after Labor Day to make a decision on how to best address this issue. We basically have two options, hire an additional teacher, or move a teacher from a grade level that has fewer students than anticipated. Regardless, this area will be addressed.

I want to thank all the parents/guardians and other friends and relatives for their patience and support these first few days. I know that the traffic situation can be somewhat congested, especially in the mornings. This situation gets better through the year.


The First Day by the Numbers

It’s always interesting to see the enrollment numbers from the first day. The number of students that we have enrolled has an affect on so many different aspects of the overall educational system. Enrollment influences the amount of state aid that we receive, our plans for staffing, and even how our district is aligned with respect to extracurricular activities. Knowing these things, let’s take a look at our first day numbers:

Primary School
PK – 76
K – 110
1st – 106
2nd – 92
PPCD – 4
Total = 388

Intermediate School
3rd – 86
4th – 115
5th – 107
Total = 308

Middle School
6th – 118
7th – 92
8th – 132
Total = 342

High School
9th – 113
10th – 87
11th – 87
12th – 82
Total = 369

Total Enrollment in District = 1,407

We ended last school year with 1,423. Also, we know that we may have up to 20 additional 7th graders in attendance once the required immunizations are obtained. So, right now, for the first day of school, our enrollment is about where we left off last year.

Celly Group

We are always looking for ways to improve and increase communications at EISD. Text messaging is a great way to get a message out to a large group of people in a short time; however, in order for it to work, people have had to know your cell phone number. Now, with a website called Celly, that is no longer necessary. I completely understand the reluctance that people have about sharing their cell phone numbers. With Celly, you can enroll to receive group messages from EISD without giving anyone your cell number. Follow this link to learn more:

At the Celly website, you can set up a username and password. Once you have a username, you simply text  @EustaceISD to 23559 to join the cell. Again, you do not have to give anyone your cell number in order to be a part of this text message group.  If you have problems with joining the EustaceISD cell, please contact me at I will try to help.

Budget Totals by Function

Attached to this entry is a chart that shows the totals of the 2012-2013 M & O budget by function. Functions are broad categories that are used in the accounting process for school districts. For example, Function 11 is instruction. Function 12 is library.  At EISD, we use 17 functions in our budget. These functions are shown in the chart, along with the amount of money that is budgeted in the function. The percent shown is the percent of the overall budget for that specific function. For the 2012-2013 school year, our budget by function looks like this:

Instruction – 58% – This function contains all the salaries, supplies, contracted services, etc. that are directly related to classroom instruction.

Maintenance – 10% – Not only does the function of maintenance contain the funds set aside to maintain and repair our schools, all of the utilities are budgeted under maintenance. The utilities are why this is the second largest function in our budget.

School Leadership – 6% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of all the of the principals, assistant principals, and their secretaries.

Co-Curricular/Extracurricular – 5% – This function contains all the supplies, travel and contracted services associated with athletics. It also contains all of the expenses of academic contests such as the one act play and UIL academics.

Administration – 4% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of the superintendent and the other people employed in the business office. The administration function also contains expenses related to the school board, elections, insurance and audit services.

Counseling – 4% – This function provides the salaries and benefits for all the counselors in the district. Special education counseling services are included in this function. Testing materials and supplies are also included in this function.

Transportation – 4% – This functions contains all the salaries and benefits of our transportation employees. This function also contains insurance costs for vehicles, supplies, and a sizable amount dedicated to fuel.

Technology – 2% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of our technology support personnel. In addition, funds are budgeted for contracted services, supplies, and travel.

Library – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of the employees that work in the libraries throughout the district, as well as funds for books and subscriptions.

Instructional Leadership – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits for our special services director, our director of special education, and secretaries. This function also provides some funds for supplies and travel.

Other Governmental Charges – 1% – This functions contains the cost associated with the Henderson County and Van Zandt County Appraisal Districts.

Curriculum and Instruction – 1% – This function provides the salary and benefits for the assistant superintendent and secretary, as well as travel for professional development activities for each campus.

Health – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of our nurse and nurse assistants, as well as supplies for each campus related to health.

There is also some money budgeted in the function for security and the function for social worker and attendance.  These funds are used to update security cameras in the district, provide drug dog services, and provide security at school functions. In addition, the salary and benefits for our attendance officer are budgeted in the attendance function.

If you have any questions regarding the budgeted functions or what is contained within each function, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

2012-2013 Budget

As mentioned yesterday, the EISD Board of Trustees adopted an M & O budget of $10,527,557 for the 2012-2013 school year. While the budget provides about a $200,000 increase in the M & O budget from last year, EISD is also losing $266,000 in the federal Education Jobs Fund grant. This grant program was for  one year only. EISD will not be receiving any funds through this grant program for the 2012-2013 school year.

The $10.5 million dollar budget breaks down as follows: $8,773,872  in salaries and benefits; $1,013,941 in contracted services and repairs; $465,272 in supplies; $258,821 in travel and subsistence and other operating expenses; and, $15,650 in capital outlay.

The M & O budget is made up of local and state aid. We are anticipating collecting about $5.1 million in local taxes and about $4.5 million in state aid.

In addition to local and state aid, EISD will receive some federal funds. We will receive about $90,000 for our Headstart program, about $283,000 in Title I funds, about $54,000 in Title II funds, and approximately $400,000 in federal special education funds.

Finally, we are anticipating collecting about $1,007,000 to pay for our construction bonds. We will use about $66,500 in fund balance to help pay for these bonds. By utilizing some of our fund balance, EISD was able to lower its overall tax rate from $1.2763 to $1.27.  

As always, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at