Budget and Tax Rate, Part 2

Last week, I discussed part of the information provided in the Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate. This notice has been published twice in local papers. While part of the function of this notice is to provide information on the proposed tax rate, the notice also provides other data about the district.

On the first page of the notice, the total appraised value and the total taxable value of district property is presented. For the current tax year, the total appraised value of all property in EISD is $784,954.756. The total taxable value for the current tax year is $542,842,076.

At the bottom of the first page, the amount of bonded indebtedness is listed. Currently, EISD has a bonded indebtedness of $12,540,000. This is the principal only portion of the bonds. The Interest and Sinking (I & S) portion of the total tax rate is used to pay for these bonds. In the proposed tax rate, $0.23 will be used to make our bond payments.

On the second page of the notice, information about the comparison of the proposed rate to last year’s rate is provided at the top of the page. A comparison is also made with the rate to maintain the same level of maintenance and operations revenue and pay for debt services.

Next week, we will look at the middle portion of the second page, Comparison of Proposed Levy with Last Year’ Levy on Average Residence. This is an important section, and I want to make sure to cover it thoroughly.

On another note, the EHS JV volleyball team will be competing today in the Eustace Tournament. The JV Bulldogs play at 8:50, 9:40, and 11:20. The tournament concludes on Saturday. The varsity volleyball team will be traveling to Van to play in the Van Invitational Tournament. The varsity plays on Friday and Saturday. Finally, the first football scrimmage will be Saturday morning in Eustace against Scurry-Rosser. The scrimmage will start at 9:00 AM.

Also, on behalf of EISD, I want to welcome the following teachers that are new to our district: Pam Glover, 2nd Grade; Becky Oakley, Pre-K; Laurie Reeve, Kindergarten; Carlos Rivera, 7th Science; Trevor Thorne, MS Special Education; Thomas Bailey, Ag Science; David Curry, HS Special Education; Briana Grammer, Athletic Trainer; Ashley McCarter, HS Math; Anna Rhea, HS English; and, Deborah Peterson, LSSP. These teachers will be participating in new teacher orientation today. We are excited about the addition of all of these staff members.

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