Budget Totals by Function

Attached to this entry is a chart that shows the totals of the 2012-2013 M & O budget by function. Functions are broad categories that are used in the accounting process for school districts. For example, Function 11 is instruction. Function 12 is library.  At EISD, we use 17 functions in our budget. These functions are shown in the chart, along with the amount of money that is budgeted in the function. The percent shown is the percent of the overall budget for that specific function. For the 2012-2013 school year, our budget by function looks like this:

Instruction – 58% – This function contains all the salaries, supplies, contracted services, etc. that are directly related to classroom instruction.

Maintenance – 10% – Not only does the function of maintenance contain the funds set aside to maintain and repair our schools, all of the utilities are budgeted under maintenance. The utilities are why this is the second largest function in our budget.

School Leadership – 6% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of all the of the principals, assistant principals, and their secretaries.

Co-Curricular/Extracurricular – 5% – This function contains all the supplies, travel and contracted services associated with athletics. It also contains all of the expenses of academic contests such as the one act play and UIL academics.

Administration – 4% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of the superintendent and the other people employed in the business office. The administration function also contains expenses related to the school board, elections, insurance and audit services.

Counseling – 4% – This function provides the salaries and benefits for all the counselors in the district. Special education counseling services are included in this function. Testing materials and supplies are also included in this function.

Transportation – 4% – This functions contains all the salaries and benefits of our transportation employees. This function also contains insurance costs for vehicles, supplies, and a sizable amount dedicated to fuel.

Technology – 2% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of our technology support personnel. In addition, funds are budgeted for contracted services, supplies, and travel.

Library – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of the employees that work in the libraries throughout the district, as well as funds for books and subscriptions.

Instructional Leadership – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits for our special services director, our director of special education, and secretaries. This function also provides some funds for supplies and travel.

Other Governmental Charges – 1% – This functions contains the cost associated with the Henderson County and Van Zandt County Appraisal Districts.

Curriculum and Instruction – 1% – This function provides the salary and benefits for the assistant superintendent and secretary, as well as travel for professional development activities for each campus.

Health – 1% – This function contains the salaries and benefits of our nurse and nurse assistants, as well as supplies for each campus related to health.

There is also some money budgeted in the function for security and the function for social worker and attendance.  These funds are used to update security cameras in the district, provide drug dog services, and provide security at school functions. In addition, the salary and benefits for our attendance officer are budgeted in the attendance function.

If you have any questions regarding the budgeted functions or what is contained within each function, please do not hesitate to contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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