Updated Enrollment Numbers

The second day of the 2012-2013 school brought more students to EISD. At the end of yesterday, the overall enrollment in the district was 1,430. By campus the breakdown is as follows:

Primary – 395
Intermediate – 311
Middle – 350
High School – 374

Right now. we know that we are going to have to address the issue of too many students and not enough teachers in kindergarten. We are going to wait until after Labor Day to make a decision on how to best address this issue. We basically have two options, hire an additional teacher, or move a teacher from a grade level that has fewer students than anticipated. Regardless, this area will be addressed.

I want to thank all the parents/guardians and other friends and relatives for their patience and support these first few days. I know that the traffic situation can be somewhat congested, especially in the mornings. This situation gets better through the year.


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