EISD was recently notified by the Texas Education Agency that the district had received a rating of “Superior Achievement”  on the 2010-2011 Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas.This report examines various indicators of a district’s financial situation and issues a numeric grade based on how well the district met the indicators.

The first 6 indicators are graded on a yes/no basis: either the district met the standard or they did not. A “no” on any of the first four indicators or a “no” on indicators 5 & 6 automatically means that a district receives the rating of “Substandard Achievement”. EISD received a score of “Yes” on each of the first 6 indicators.

The next 14 indicators are scored on a scale of  0 – 5. A perfect score for a district on these indicators would be 70. EISD scored 68. The only indicator that EISD did not receive a 5 on was indicator 9: “Were Debt Related Expenditures Less Than $350.00 Per Student?” On this indicator, EISD received a 3.

To view the FIRST report for EISD, or any other district, you may follow this link: The report for EISD can be found on page 9.

I want to thank all of the people that worked to make this achievement possible: first, the EISD Board of Trustees for their leadership and guidance; second, the personnel in our business office that handles the financial transactions of the district – Carol Warren, business manager; Debra Meyners, payroll; and, Kara Weaver, accounts payable; third, our district’s PEIMS coordinator (and my assistant), Karen Thompson; finally, the secretaries at each of the campuses: Ranee Snow, HS; Ginger Plunk, MS; Kathy Jones, IS; and, Kim McClaskey, PS. All of these play a pivotal role in ensuring that our data is accurate and that it is entered into the PEIMS system accurately.

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