Think Technology is NOT for Your Subject??

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With so many technology tools available these days, it is important for teachers to get out there to explore and play with what is available until they find the perfect fit for teaching style, content needs, technology skill level, and purpose.

So many times, teachers think that THEIR subject or grade level is just not a good fit for technology, but there is something for everyone if you just look! Take “Art”, for example. What can we do with technology in art? Our teacher, Mrs. Spivey found Artsonia to be the perfect website for her subject. In Artsonia, she can create student accounts, upload pictures of her students’ projects, and even sell items that have the students’ artwork printed on them!

To see our students’ work on Artsonia, just go to the website, find the box to select a school by name, and type the word “Eustace”. You will then see the link to the Middle School art work, and Mrs. Spivey has uploaded 472 student works that can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone! Parent permission is required to post work, and the students’ full names are not used.

A link to the Artsonia site is also included on the Middle School webpage for easy-to-remember access. I hope you pop in to view our students’ art work on Artsonia! I also hope it makes you wonder how technology could be used for YOUR subject……

Volleyball – Bi-District Champs!!

Congratulations to the Lady Bulldogs on their win over Edgewood last night. The Lady Bulldogs won a hard fought match 3-1 to capture the bi-district championship. Thanks to all the fans that made the trip to Mabank last night! Your support is greatly appreciated!!Later this week, the Lady Bulldogs will be playing for the area championship. When I have confirmed information on sites and opponents, I will pass that on to you.


Bi-District Volleyball

The Lady Bulldogs will be facing Edgewood for the bi-district volleyball championship tonight in Mabank. The match is set to start at 8:00 PM. I encourage everyone to come out and support the Lady Bulldogs!!

Also, the running times for our cross country teams have been announced for the regional meet. The girls team will run at 11:15 and the boys team will run at 11:40. The regional cross country meet will be held at Vandergriff Park in Arlington this Saturday.


This Week

Congratulations to the varsity volleyball team on their win over Mildred last Friday. The Lady Bulldogs will be playing Edgewood for the bi-district championship on Tuesday. The game will be played in Mabank and is set to start at 8:00 PM.

The varsity football team had a big win over Grand Saline on Friday, 49-0. The win puts the Bulldogs at 4-1 in district play heading into the bye week.

This Week:

Monday – Bulldog Extra – 3:45 – 5:45

Tuesday – Bulldog Extra – 3:45 – 5:45; Bi-District Volleyball v. Edgewood – 8:00 PM in Mabank

Wednesday – Bulldog Extra – 3:45 – 5:45; MS Fall Sports Pictures

Thursday – Bulldog Extra – 3:45 – 5:45; JV Football v. Tatum – 5:00

Saturday – Regional Cross Country Meet – Vandergriff Park in Arlington


School Finance Trial Gets Underway

The following information comes from the Equity Center:

Plaintiffs Represent Over 3.4 Million
School Children

As we last reported, there are six different groups currently involved in this
litigation – five plaintiffs and one plaintiff intervenor. The Texas Taxpayer
& Student Fairness Coalition consists of 439 school districts and
represents over 1.3 million school children. In total, there are 611 public school districts representing over 3.4 million school children in the suit. The other plaintiffs
in the case include MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education
Fund, representing Edgewood ISD and several other property-poor South Texas
districts), Thompson-Horton (primarily representing large urban and
suburban districts), the Haynes & Boone group (primarily
representing wealthy districts) and the Charter School Association.  The
intervenor group (TREE) is led by Kent Grusendorf, the former chairman of the
Texas House Public Education Committee, and does not represent any school

School Finance
Lawsuit Week 1 Recap

On Monday, Judge John Dietz heard opening statements from the plaintiffs, plaintiff intervenor, and the State. On Tuesday, the Judge heard testimony from demographer Dr. Steve Murdock about Texas’ rapid growth, changing demographics, and socioeconomic shifts. Dr. Guy Sconzo, Superintendent Humble ISD, also testified on Tuesday and his testimony seemed to echo Dr. Murdock’s in terms of the changing
population and socioeconomic status of his students and community. Dr. Sconzo
also testified about the difficulties of providing resources when your tax rate
is capped at $1.17 and the necessity of programs such as early childhood
education.  On Wednesday, Dan Benito CISD Superintendent Antonio Limon
took the stand to testify about economically disadvantaged children and the
importance of involving the parents in the process and making them feel as if
they are part of the system. He also placed a strong focus on smaller classroom
sizes and the importance of resources for English language learners. On
Thursday, Richardson ISD Superintendent Dr. Kay Waggoner testified about
preparing for the education cuts and trying to meet the increasing demands of
serving their student population and the ever-growing accountability standards.
We also heard briefly from Dr. Jeri Pfeifer, Everman ISD, before the court
recessed, but she will take the stand again on Monday morning.


Help!! What do my students really know?

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It happens to every teacher! You have made your best effort to teach a concept to your students but are still experiencing that “Ferris Bueller” effect: “Anyone, anyone?”. You can almost hear the crickets in the room. But…(of course!), technology can help!

This past week, Mr. Rowley was working with students to master the basics of Newton’s Laws of Motion amid Red Ribbon Week, football games, pep rallies, and Fun Fridays complete with Halloween costumes! That’s some tough competition. So, he decided to see if they could transfer any of Newton’s Laws to real-life experiences and had students create presentations to describe the basics of these laws in action. Good times! 
Enjoy a short presentation of one of these projects!


Congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade football teams on the wins against Grand Saline last night! The 7th grade won 22-14 and the 8th grade won 52-0. Also, a special thank you goes out to Middle School band for performing during the 7th and 8th grade games. They did a great job and really added to the atmosphere of both games.

Also, congratulations to the JV football team on their win against Grand Saline last night!

Tonight, the varsity volleyball team travels to Mildred for a warm-up game. The game is set to start at 4:30.

The varsity football team will travel to Grand Saline tonight for a district contest. Kickoff is set for 7:30.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


MS Pep Rally 10-25-12

Middle School pep rally from October 25, 2012. Video features band, cheeleaders, pep talks, sports teams, dance competitions, bubble gum contest, and toilet paper rolling contest!
More in

from Uploads by EustaceISD

Technology Can Help!

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Our campus will be competing in Academic U.I.L. this year! I haven’t been involved with academic competition as a teacher in 13 years, and although the events remain much the same, the way materials and information are shared with districts has changed dramatically with the advances in technology.

 In homage to this trend, it is fitting to incorporate technology into the way our students prepare for these events as well, so a website dedicated to housing our Academic U.I.L. resources has been created and shared with some of our teams. Having online access for independent practice will be a tremendous asset for our students!

If you have resources for your event, let me know so they can be added to our UIL Resource site!

Student can easily find the site by visiting the Middle School page on the Eustace website. The link is found under “Some Useful Links”.

Congratulations to the Band

Yesterday, the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band performed at the UIL Marching Contest in Mesquite. The band turned in one of their best performances of the year and was awarded a Division II. A special thank you to all the parents and other supporters that made the trip to Mesquite. The students in band spend many hours, starting in early August, preparing for this contest. I want to also recognize our band directors, Todd Felty and Jim Taylor, for their hard work and dedication to making our band program the best in the area. A video of yesterday’s performance is posted on the Eustace ISD YouTube channel:

Tonight, the MS and JV football teams will be hosting Grand Saline. The 7th grade game starts at 5:00 PM. The MS band will be playing at tonight’s MS games.

The HS volleyball team will be playing a warm-up game at Mildred this Friday. The game will start at 4:30. Next Tuesday, the volleyball team will play Edgewood for the bi-district championship. The game will be played in Mabank and will start at 8:00 PM.