What do you do with 5 iPads?

via TECH TREK by Twyla Felty

The Middle School is fortunate to have a small set of iPads for exclusive use on our campus, but teachers often find themselves wondering: what can I possibly do with only 5 iPads in a class of 25 (or more)? There are creative solutions for use, however, and several teachers at EMS have found ways to utilize this technology with great results, moving from traditional large, group instruction to small group centers/learning stations and projects.

This past week, Mrs. Schwartz’ 6th grade reading class practiced figurative language and vocabulary building in a learning station where students could work in pairs. Kudos to teachers for shaking things up in class, moving the desks around, and making things happen!

Have an idea, site, or an app that plays well in small groups? Let me know! We are ready to sync and go!

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