Technology Can Help!

via TECH TREK by Twyla Felty

Our campus will be competing in Academic U.I.L. this year! I haven’t been involved with academic competition as a teacher in 13 years, and although the events remain much the same, the way materials and information are shared with districts has changed dramatically with the advances in technology.

 In homage to this trend, it is fitting to incorporate technology into the way our students prepare for these events as well, so a website dedicated to housing our Academic U.I.L. resources has been created and shared with some of our teams. Having online access for independent practice will be a tremendous asset for our students!

If you have resources for your event, let me know so they can be added to our UIL Resource site!

Student can easily find the site by visiting the Middle School page on the Eustace website. The link is found under “Some Useful Links”.

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