Think Technology is NOT for Your Subject??

via TECH TREK by Twyla Felty

With so many technology tools available these days, it is important for teachers to get out there to explore and play with what is available until they find the perfect fit for teaching style, content needs, technology skill level, and purpose.

So many times, teachers think that THEIR subject or grade level is just not a good fit for technology, but there is something for everyone if you just look! Take “Art”, for example. What can we do with technology in art? Our teacher, Mrs. Spivey found Artsonia to be the perfect website for her subject. In Artsonia, she can create student accounts, upload pictures of her students’ projects, and even sell items that have the students’ artwork printed on them!

To see our students’ work on Artsonia, just go to the website, find the box to select a school by name, and type the word “Eustace”. You will then see the link to the Middle School art work, and Mrs. Spivey has uploaded 472 student works that can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone! Parent permission is required to post work, and the students’ full names are not used.

A link to the Artsonia site is also included on the Middle School webpage for easy-to-remember access. I hope you pop in to view our students’ art work on Artsonia! I also hope it makes you wonder how technology could be used for YOUR subject……

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