Update on Federal and State Funding

I want to take a few minutes and update you on the funding situation for EISD. First, in the next few days, I will be running the numbers for 2nd six weeks. However, that is not the type of funding we will be talking about in this post. Instead, we will look at some unexpected funding received at the state and federal level.

EISD, along with all of the other districts in the state, had received some funding from the state through what is called the Student Success Initiative (SSI). This funding is based, in part, on the number of students that were not successful on the state accountability tests. In the past, we had received enough money to fund our summer school program with these funds. During the last legislative session, this was one area in which funding was greatly reduced. Last year, EISD did not receive any funds through the SSI program. We were not expecting any funds through SSI this year; however, we were notified by the state that we would be receiving $5,714 from SSI. Since we had not planned on receiving these funds, this amount was a “bonus” from the state. We submitted our application to utilize these funds to buy additional iPads for our students use. This application has been approved.

In addition, we were recently notified that we will be receiving $27,759 from the Rural and Low Income School Program (Title VI, Part B) from the federal government. In the past 12 years, we have received this grant one other time (it’s been about 8-9 years ago). After looking at different options for these funds, it was decided to recommend to the board that these funds be utilized by hiring an additional kindergarten teacher. (Although we had already added one additional kindergarten teacher, the class sizes were still large.) The EISD Board of Trustees approved this additional kindergarten teacher and, consequently, we were able to reduce the class sizes even further. We were notified recently that our proposal for the use of these funds was approved by the Texas Education Agency.

While neither one of these grants provide an exceeding amount of funding for our district, every dollar helps. We have been able to provide extra resources and an extra teacher with these two funds. An update on our full state funding will be coming soon.

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