A Heavy Load

I want to congratulate senior power lifter Casey Bramblitt on her recent 1st place finish at the Van Powerlifting Meet. Last year, Casey qualified for the state powerlifting meet. At the state meet, she lifted a total of 785 pounds (the total amount is taken from the maximum amount successfully lifted in squat, dead lift, and bench press). Last Saturday in Van, Casey had lifts of 335 lbs in squat, 165 lbs in bench, and a dead lift of 340 lbs for a total of 840 lbs! Prior to that, Casey also won the Forney meet with a total lift of 810 lbs. Casey has already topped her best from last year and has improved by 30 lbs from the Forney meet to the Van meet.

Powerlifting workouts are done after all the regular workouts are finished. There is a lot of hard work put in to not only get stronger, but to make sure that they are lifting with the proper form. Casey and all the powerlifters are working hard to get better each day.

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