Board Meeting Last Night

Last night, the EISD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting. The meeting started at 7:00 PM and was held in the HS library. During the meeting, the Board took the following actions:

  • Approved minutes of previous board meetings as presented.
  • Approved the financial reports as presented.
  • Approved a resolution suspending portions of local policy dealing with end of course tests counting 15% of a student’s final grade.
  • Approved April 29 as the date for the Employee Appreciation Banquet.
  • Approved a resolution calling for a school board election on May 11, 2013.
  • Approved a contract with the City of Eustace for the School Trustee General Election in May.
  • Accepted the resignation of Joni Hunt, Primary aide.
  • Approved the employment of Tricia Perry and Laticia Shaddock for the current school year. Approved the employment of Tiffani Chastant and Ranae Traywick for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Approved the student transfers as presented.
  • Adjourned

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, the Board was served a meal by the Intermediate School, enjoyed desserts provided by the Primary School, received drinking cups from the High School, and enjoyed center pieces and a video made by the Middle School. In addition, each board member received a certificate of appreciation.

Primary Games

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Primary Games is a great little site full of learning games for kids. Primary Games offers games for kids in the subject areas of math and reading, as well as puzzles, sports games, and games for girls. Primary Games also offers a wide variety of holiday activites including games, crafts, and coloring pages.

Primary Games has a Curriculum Guide to help teachers find the right activity to match the needs of their classroom. The Curriculum Guide is divided into Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Primary Games is definitely worth checking out. I will warn you that the site is very, very busy which could cause your students to get lost on the page. You might want to take some time familiarizing yourself with the site.

Wili The Word Wizard's Science Dictionary

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Wili The Word Wizard’s Science Dictionary is a fabulous site. This site offers science vocabulary, including definitions and a visual representation of the word. For example: the word volcano…

As you can see the definition is provided as well as a picture of Augustine volcano in Alaska. Students are able to enhance learning by not only learning the definition of a word but by gaining a visual representation of the word.

Wili The Word Wizard’s Science Dictionary is a creation of the Hawaii Department of Education so obviously the focus of the site is on the standards for the State of Hawaii. However, Wili The Word Wizard’s Science Dictionary could be an additional resource to enhance and reinforce the learning in any elementary science classroom. It is worth checking out.

Board Meeting

Tonight, the EISD Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting. Items on the agend for tonight include:

  • School Board Appreciation
  • Approve minutes or previous meetings.
  • Financial Reports
  • PaySchools Report
  • Report on Notice from StoneLeaf regarding new construction of low income housing
  • Consider resolution to suspend portions of local policy relating to the 15% end of course requirment.
  • Consider April 29, 2013 for Employee Appreciation Banquet.
  • Consider resolution calling for a school board election May 11, 2013
  • Consider contract with the City of Eustace for School Trustee general election.
  • Update on Enrollment and Attendance.
  • Closed Session – Resignations, Employment, Substitute List, Student Transfers, Superintendent’s Evaluation and Contract
  • Consider Action on Closed Session items.
  • Adjourn

Everyone is invited to attend tonight’s meeting.

The High School basketball teams will be in action tonight against Dallas Faith Family. Games will start at 4:30. Everyone is encouraged to come out and support the Bulldogs, tonight!

This Week

This morning we were met with some winter precipitation in the form of sleet. This is a good time to remind everyone of our procedures for determining if school will be delayed or canceled due to whether.  Our transportation director and myself will be out early to check road conditions. After riding roads in the district, we will determine if school will be delayed or canceled. This morning, while the roads were wet, they were not icy. Bridges did have a layer of sleet built up on them.

Today, we will be resuming Bulldog Extra. Bulldog Extra is an after school tutoring program for students in grades 4-12. It is held Monday-Thursday in the HS library from 3:30-5:30. This is a free program that students may attend to receive additional help with assignments. Students may also attend to access the district’s technology. No sign up is required.

This Week

1st and 2nd grade students will be completing their TPRI assessments throughout the week.

Monday – HS Senior Ad Sales Starts; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Tuesday – Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; HS Basketball v. Dallas Faith; School Board Meeting – 7:00

Wednesday – HS Winter Sports Pictures; Intermediate – Semester Skating Pary; MS Basketball Pictures; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Thursday – Intermediate Semester Awards; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; MS Basketball – Boys at Kemp & Girls at Malakoff – 5:00

Friday – MS Honor Roll Trip; HS Basketball at Palmer – 4:30

I hope everyone has a great week!

School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month. EISD has seven board members that voluntarily take on the task of providing the best educational setting possible for our students. Our board members work tirelessly to ensure that our students and staff are provided the tools and resources needed to be successful in all of their endeavors. A very special thank you goes out to the Board Members of EISD:

Diane Russ – President

Thomas Frazier – Vice President

Gary Walsh – Secretary

Cotton Walker – Board Member

Sonny Hodge – Board Member

Bobby Ashton – Board Member

Michael Cates – Board Member

The service and dedication that our board members provide to our students, staff, and community is greatly appreciated!

Flu Season

As you have probably heard from various media outlets, the flu season has come early this year. Some areas of the state are reporting widespread outbreaks of the flu. Currently, I can confirm that we have had some cases of the flu reported in our district. At this time, campuses are not reporting an above average number of absences.

As a district, we have already started taking precautions. Our custodial staff will be doing extra cleanings of our buildings. Our staff members will be emphasizing the importance of thorough hand washing. The principals will be closely monitoring attendance for signs of flu related illness. We are asking for everyone’s help to lessen the impact of flu on our students and staff.

Legislative Session

Today marks the beginning of the 83rd legislative session in Texas. As always, education issues will be a major focus in this session. Accountability, standardized testing, school funding, vouchers, and local control of districts are all topics that have been widely discussed over the past year. There will be numerous bills filed that address each of these topics. In addition, there is sure to be much debate about school safety. As always, information about proposed bills and the impact those bills will have on EISD will be passed on to the constituents of EISD.


This Week

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!! Today is a workday for staff. Students will return tomorrow at regular times. Tomorrow is the start of the 4th six weeks for the 2012-2013 school year. We will not by having Bulldog Extra this week. We are planning on starting Bulldog Extra on Monday, January 14.

This Week

Monday – Staff Workday – No school for students.

Tuesday – Start 4th 6 Weeks; HS Basketball at Dallas Life Oak

Thursday – Report Cards; Right Choice/Perfect Attendance Awards – Intermediate; MS Boys Basketball at Scurry-Rosser – 5:00; MS Girls Basketball v. Scurry-Rosser – 5:00

Friday – HS Basketball v. Scurry-Rosser – 4:30

I hope everyone has a great week!