Investment Training and Comptrollers Award

Over the last two days, I attended a training session on the Public Funds Investment Act. This training is required by the state every two years for public officials that are in charge of public funds. During the training, the Public Funds Investment Act is reviewed along with any changes in the law. Current economic trends are examined and best practices are reviewed. The training is not designed to make the attendees “experts” in investing; instead, the training provides relevant information about the roles and responsibilities of those involved in investment decisions. While different allowable types of investments are reviewed, the overall purpose of the training is to emphasize the importance of safety of investment over return on investment.

Gold Leadership Award

I received notification today that EISD has been awarded the Gold Leadership Circle Award for 2013. This award is given by the state comptrollers office and is based on the level of financial transparency provided by the entity. This is the 4th year in a row that EISD has received the Gold Award. Out of a possible 20 points, EISD received 18 points on its level of financial transparency demonstrated by the amount of information posted on the district’s website. This award is the culmination of many people working to make EISD’s financial records easily available for all to view. I want to thank the EISD Board of Trustees, our business manager, Carol Warren, our payroll officer, Debra Meyners and our accounts payable officer, Kara Weaver. A special thank you goes to our webmaster, Michelle Cavazos, for her work in putting all of this information together on our website. If you have not visited our website, I encourage you to take a few minutes and examine the information available at


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