Early Childhood Easter Egg Hunt

The football field had hundreds of Easter eggs for our 3 and 4 year olds. It only took them about 3 minutes to get all the eggs in their baskets!!
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Legislative Conference and Today

Yesterday, I attended the Legislative Conference in Austin. There was much discussion about the recent passage of HB 5 in the Texas House. HB 5 provides a reduction in the number of end of course tests at the high school level, new graduation programs for high school students, and lays the foundation for a new accountability system for schools. In my opinion, HB 5 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Among the speakers that I heard were Senator West and Senator Patrick. Senator Patrick has submitted bills similar to HB 5 in the Texas Senate. These bills are SB 3 and SB 1724. It was brought to our attention that pressure from outside groups may be causing Lt. Governor Dewhurst to consider pulling these bills from the senate agenda. The main opposition is coming from groups that are opposed to the reduction of end of course tests in high school. The current testing program has high school students taking 15 end of course tests. HB 5 reduces that number to 5.


Although today is an early release day, there are plenty of activities. The Primary will be having their Easter Egg hunts today. The one act play will be performing at the district competition today at 2:00 PM. The district competition is at Kemp. The baseball team will be playing Red Oak Life at Sunnyvale this evening and the High School track teams will be at the Sunnyvale meet today.

A reminder that today is an early release day. Buses will run approximately 2 hours early. Tomorrow is the district’s Good Friday holiday. Classes will resume on Monday at regular times.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and happy Easter!

UIL Academic Competition

Congratulations to the following students on their performance at the UIL District Academic Competition. This year’s team turned in one of the strongest performances in many years. Also, a special thank you to all the UIL coaches that helped prepare these students for the competition. The following information comes from the High School:

Thirty five students participated in the District UIL Academic Meet on Monday, March 25th.

In Literary Criticism,
Grace Holcombe took 1st place.
Evan Arambula took 4th
The team consisting also of Dane McAfee and Elizabeth Salinas took 2nd place honors.

In Computer Applications,
Carly Copeland took 4th
Caitlyn Culp took 6th

In Headline Writing,
Casey Rickert took 1st place
Connie Benefield took 6th

In Ready Writing
MaKenzie Abbott took 1st place
Grace Holcombe took 2nd

In News Writing,
Kendra Rogers took 4th place
Rebekah Phillips took 6th

In Social Studies,
Wally Baker took 1st place
James Legallee took 3rd
The team consisting also of Kristina Woodruff took 1st  place honors.

In Mathematics,
Chris Almand took 2nd place
Ridge Smith took 3rd
The team consisting also of Evan Arambula took 1st  place honors.

In Science,
Brandon Hall took 5th place
The team consisting also of Chris Almand and Savannah Hairl
took 3rd place honors

In Number Sense,
Chris Almand took 6th place.

In Accounting,
Angela Jackson took 1st place.
Casey Rickert took 3rd.
Bethany Calhoun took 6th.
And they received 1st Place team award

In Current Issues and Events,
Dane McAfee took 6tth place
The team consisting also of Hunter Norris, Elijah Rogers, and Elizabeth Salinas took 2nd place team honors

In Persuasive Speaking,
Caleb Caswell took 3rd place

In Informative Speaking,
Justin Griffin took 3rd place
Elijah Rogers took 4th

In Poetry Interpretation,
Abra Robert took 1st place

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate,
Chandler McFarlin took  3rd place

All First and Second individual contest winners advance to Regionals, and all 1st place teams advance to Regionals. The second  place teams in the region with the highest number of points also advance and  will be announced later.

Congratulations to all students who competed. You made us  all Bulldog Proud!

One Act Play and Henderson County Livestock Show

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the one act play for advancing to the district finals. Because of the number of schools in our spring district, the one act play was divided into zones for initial competition. The top two plays at the zone competition advance on to the district competition. The following information is provided by Tammy Beaty, theater teacher and one act play sponsor:

We will be performing our U.I.L. One Act Play “Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will?” by Del Shores at 2:00 p.m. at Kemp High School for the District Competition. We competed at Zone on Friday with Scurry, Malakoff and Kemp. Eustace and Kemp walked away with the advancing trophies and Eustace students received 5 individual honors! We will be competing with Dallas Life Oak, Palmer and Kemp on Thursday. It would be really nice to see a few Eustace faces in the crowd supporting these kids!! Thanks for all of your support!

Award Winners: (We have only 8 cast members total & 4 out of 8 won awards for their acting!)

 All Star Cast:     Jason Ballenger  &  Shannon Whatley

All Star Honorable Mention:   Davis Wammack  & Nic Caldwell

Outstanding Technical Crew:   Thomas Pope for Stage Management

Henderson County Livestock Show

Last week, several members of the Eustace FFA had entries in the Henderson County Livestock Show. Our students did quite well in the show. Below is a summary provided by Theresa Tindel, Ag Science Teacher:

Henderson County Livestock Show Results For Eustace FFA

Attached is a list of results from our students’ efforts. We earned approximately $20,000.00 in auction premiums and Scholarship money.  We also took in 5 belt buckles and two High Point Showman honors.  The kids did an excellent job with their projects. We had the largest participation numbers involved at the show as well.  The FFA Chapter would like to thank everyone for their support.

Horse Show–  Overall High Point Individual Champion for show &  Reserve Champion Halter– Keely Mckinney

Samantha Crocker 6th & 7th Speed events

Ag Mechanics Show– Reserve champion Trailer Division- Dillon Gragsone,
Cody Carpenter, Kade Graham, Seth Purselley, and Austin White and 3rd
overall ag mech project.

2nd place small utility trailer- Forrest Lane, Trevor Lane, and Thomas Hyde

3rd place small utility trailer- Lane Smith, Chad Tindel, and Ethan Hoops

Also participating in shop equipment class was James Legallee.

Market Goat Show- 8 out of 10 goats were eligible for the sale

Chad Tindel – Senior Showmanship Champion, Class Champion and 2nd place
Lane Smith- 2nd
Kade Graham- 2nd and 3rd
Brooke Young- 4th
Santos Umana- 5th
Maggie Groom- 4th
Allison McCalister- 6th
Ethan Hoops- 8th and 5th in Senior Showmanship

Market Pig Show- 2 out of 3 hogs shown made the sale

Shelby White- 5th Duroc
Chad Tindel- 7th Hampshire
Sunni Goodell- Cross class
Also participating was Chloe Moore with a Hampshire

Breeding Heifer Show-

Lane Smith Reserve Champion Hereford
Chad Tindel Reserve Champion Braham
Samantha Crocker- 1st Brangus and 5th in Senior Showmanship
Dillon Gragsone- 4th Braham
Cody Carpenter- 7th Braham

Market Fryer(rabbit) Show- Caitlyn Culp 17th place out of 70 pens

Breeding Rabbit Show- Libby Calvin 2nd, Hanna Pickett 10th, Brittany Neitzel 10th    and Breanna Fuller 2nd place

Market Broiler Show- Participating was Helen Bobbitt

Market Steer Show- 3 out of 3 steers made the sale list

Chad Tindel Senior Showmanship Champion, Class 1 Champion and 4th place  Class 2
Lane Smith 8th place heavy weight

Breeding Poultry Show-

Lane Smith –Champion Goose, Champion Guinea, Reserve Bantam and various placings
Seth Purselley- 3rd, 4th and 6th  placings in large fowl category
Also participating was Austin White

Market Lamb Show- Samantha Wogerer- Grand Champion  Lamb

Elsie Rossen Award- High Point Champion Showman for the entire show- Chad

Weinstein Law Scholarship Recipient- Dillon Gragsone 1,300.00 amount

Senior Livestock Judging Champion- High Point individual- Chad Tindel

Project Show –Jessica Miller Blue Ribbon winner and Auction item- snickers cake,
Thomas Hyde 2 blue ribbon winners and Auction items- knife and jewelryChad Tindel Senior Showmanship Champion, Class 1 Champion and 4th place Cl

Microsoft Certification and This Week

Recently, a group of EHS students went to Kilgore to be tested on certain Microsoft applications. Below are the students and the certifications that they earned. Thanks to Dede Lancaster, HS technology teacher, for supplying this information.

Congratulations to the following students who passed the MOS Certification for Word 2007:

Sam Abrahamson
Connie Benefield
Carly Copeland
Caitlyn Culp
Rosie Durnell
Grace Holcombe
Colten Huffman
Rowdy Lucas
Cali Martinez
Mark Zimmerer

Congratulations to the following students who passed the MOS Certification for Access 2007:

Caleb Letkiewicz
Ridge Smith

This Week

Although this is a short week, there are many activities throughout the week. We will have an early release on Thursday. Buses will run 2 hours early. We will have a school holiday on Friday. Classes will resume at normal times on Monday, April 1.

Monday – High School UIL Academic Competition; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; Middle School Track at Sunnyvale

Tuesday – 2nd Grade Family Reading Night; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; JV Golf at Pinnacle Club; Varsity Baseball v. Kemp – 6:30; Varsity Softball v. Kemp  – 6:00

Wednesday – Middle School UIL Concert Contest at Canton- 11:50; High School Spring Pictures; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Thursday – Early Release; One Act Play Finals at Kemp; Primary Easter Egg Hunts; High School Track at Sunnyvale;

Friday – Good Friday Holiday

All District Basketball, One Act Play & Update on School Funding

Congratulations to the following students on being named to the All-District Basketball Teams:

John Bradburn – 2nd Team
Kyle Wood – Honorable Mention
Steven Stine – Honorable Mention

Kacie Richards – 1st Team
Casey Bramblitt – 2nd Team
Chelsea Oldham – Honorable Mention
Alexis Cravey – Honorable Mention
Taylor Pebbles – Honorable Mention

One Act Play

The EHS one act play cast will be performing in the zone competition today. EHS is scheduled to perform at 5:00; however, this time is only an estimate. Depending on the plays prior to the EHS performance, the actual performance time may be earlier or later. The competition will be held in Kemp. Everyone is invited to attend. There is no admission charge.

School Funding

The following information comes from an email from the Equity Center. This is certainly a step in the right direction.

This afternoon in the House Appropriations committee, Chairman Pitts substituted
House Bill 1 (the House version of the state budget) for SB 1 (the Senate
approved version of the budget). Additionally, the Chairman offered an
amendment to the bill to provide an additional $1 billion to public education.
As it stands the additional money would be used to increase the Basic Allotment
to $4,890 in FY 14 and to $4,975 in FY 15. Members of the committee applauded
the Chairman and the Article III subcommittee’s efforts before unanimously
adopting the bill.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Proposed New Accountability System

Yesterday, myself and several others participated in a webinar hosted by our Education Service Center. The webinar focused on the proposed new accountability system for the state. At this time, the new system is still just a proposal. Even so, I believe that it warrants some discussion so that there will be no surprises in the future.

The new proposed system is built around four Performance Indexes: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. While some of the indicators will be phased in over a two year period, most are proposed to be in place immediately.

In the Student Achievement Index, districts and campuses will receive scores based on the percent of students that met the Level II standard on the STAAR tests. This score will be based on how all student perform on the STAAR test in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. There will also be a score given on the participation rate by race and ethnicity.

The proposed Student Progress Index will be a weighted index. Districts and campuses will receive one point for students that Met Expectations based on scale scores from one year to the next. Two points will be awarded for students that Exceeded Expectations based on their scale scores.

The Closing Performance Gaps Index will focus on the students that are economically disadvantaged and the two lowest performing race/ethnicity student groups on the campus or district. Points will be awarded for students in these groups that score at the satisfactory level (Level II) and at the advanced level (Level III).  These scores will be based on the students performance on the STAAR test.

For the Postsecondary Readiness Index, campuses and districts will be evaluated based on the percent of students that meet the STAAR Level II performance criteria, the graduation rate for the campus/district, and the percent of students that graduate under the Recommended Program or other advanced program.

The proposed system would give an overall score in each of the four categories. That score could be compared with the region or state average.

While the new proposed system would solve some of the issues that plague the current accountability system, in reading articles from around the state, there is a perception that Texas is moving away from a system that depends so heavily on standardized testing. After hearing about the proposed system, I do not see this to be the case. There are four indexes in the new system. Each of the indexes is tied to student performance on the STAAR test. While there are several bills currently in debate about decreasing the number of tests that students are required to take, this new proposed accountability system is still very heavily dependent on student performance on STAAR testing. In fact, four out of the four indexes rely on some form of STAAR performance data. That means that 100% of the the proposed accountability system will rely on some portion of STAAR testing. Right now, my initial reaction is that we are going to see even more emphasis on student performance on standardized tests, not less.

Providing an accurate picture of accountability is important for parents, students, taxpayers, and educators. Developing an accountability system that provides all of these groups with the necessary information is a difficult task. My main point in sharing this information is to provide everyone involved with an overview of the proposed accountability system so that there will be no surprises in the future.

MS Cheerleaders for 2013-2014, Update on Softball and Baseball

Recently, the Middle School held tryouts for cheerleaders for the 2013-2014 school year.  The following information is furnished by Kim Purselley, MS Cheer Sponsor:

2013-2014 Cheerleaders

Zoie Bailey
Brooke Caldwell
Sierra Castillo
Abbie Cates
Sadie Cates
Janey Conditt
Destinie Culpepper
Madison Fisher
Anna Gaddis
Erica Hoops
Jessica Plunk
Haley Purselley
Yasmine Washington
Michelle Wingo

Mascot- Kenzie Rogers

Congratulations to each of these students! Also, a special thanks to all the students that tried out for MS cheerleader.

The softball team was victorious over Dallas Life Oak, 9-2, last night. The baseball team lost their opening district game to a good Palmer team last night.

Get Creative with Educreations!!

via TECH TREK by Twyla Felty
In an effort to move toward student production on the iPad, Educreations has been added to our devices. As always, it takes a great teacher to get out there and test the waters for everyone, and our 6th Grade Science teacher, Mrs. Taylor, played with Educreations to produce the following video on models. This Educreation was then embedded in her Edmodo for students to use in centers this week, and then next week, students will be publishing their own Educreation.