Legislative Conference and Today

Yesterday, I attended the Legislative Conference in Austin. There was much discussion about the recent passage of HB 5 in the Texas House. HB 5 provides a reduction in the number of end of course tests at the high school level, new graduation programs for high school students, and lays the foundation for a new accountability system for schools. In my opinion, HB 5 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Among the speakers that I heard were Senator West and Senator Patrick. Senator Patrick has submitted bills similar to HB 5 in the Texas Senate. These bills are SB 3 and SB 1724. It was brought to our attention that pressure from outside groups may be causing Lt. Governor Dewhurst to consider pulling these bills from the senate agenda. The main opposition is coming from groups that are opposed to the reduction of end of course tests in high school. The current testing program has high school students taking 15 end of course tests. HB 5 reduces that number to 5.


Although today is an early release day, there are plenty of activities. The Primary will be having their Easter Egg hunts today. The one act play will be performing at the district competition today at 2:00 PM. The district competition is at Kemp. The baseball team will be playing Red Oak Life at Sunnyvale this evening and the High School track teams will be at the Sunnyvale meet today.

A reminder that today is an early release day. Buses will run approximately 2 hours early. Tomorrow is the district’s Good Friday holiday. Classes will resume on Monday at regular times.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and happy Easter!

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