Softball and Employee Banquet

The softball team lost a hard fought game against Edgewood last night in the bi-district championship game. While the loss ended the Lady Bulldog’s season, it does not take away from the great year that they had. Congratulations to all the players for a great year! Congratulations to Dottie Hawthorne, head coach, and Carlos Rivera, assistant coach. Also, a special thank you to all the fans for their continued support throughout the season.

Employee Banquet

Last night, the EISD Board of Trustees hosted the annual Employee  Banquet. Employees were treated to a catered dinner from Danny’s Barbecue and numerous door prizes from area merchants. In addition, employees were recognized for their years of service to the district. The following employees received service pins last night:

5 Years
Tammy Beaty
Jodie Cates
Debbie Dominguez
Calvin Kennedy
MIchael Rowley

10 Years
James Beverly
Jessie Boyd
Traci McPherson
Mandy Rolison
Patricia Rollins
Theresa Tindel
Mary Walker

15 Years
Cindy Babcock
Kristi Bragg
Lisa Bynum
Cheryl Cooper
Sherry Dudley
Kathy Floyd
Deanna Haynes
Kathy Jones
Debbie McConathy
Bill Mohon
Brett Powers
David Sutton
Tina Sutton
Marcy Warren

20 Years
Alison Bristow
Candice Burns
Nancy Hall
Linda Harsey
Gene Myers
Jack Wallace

35 Years

Judy Wimberley

The following employees are retiring at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. They received plaques honoring them for their years of service to EISD:

James Taylor – 4 Years

Cyndi Wanek – 7 Years

Debbie Myers – 24 Years

The following board members received special recognition for their years of service to EISD. They will be leaving the board in May.

Diane Russ – Board President – 15 Years

Thomas Frazier – Board Vice President – 15 Years

In addition, the annual School Bell Award was presented last night. The School Bell Award goes to an individual for volunteer work in the district that goes above and beyond. This year’s recipient was Thomas Frazier. Mr. Frazier donated a tremendous amount of time and expertise in working on the parking area at the softball/baseball fields. His generous donation of time, expertise, and machinery is greatly appreciated!

Each year, Mary Bell and Faye Barnett work tirelessly to secure an abundant amount of door prizes for our employees. This year, they again did an absolutely fantastic job! I want to say a special thank you to Mary and Faye for all their work in making the Employee Banquet a huge success!

Finally, I want to recognize and thank the merchants that generously dontated prizes, gift cards, and in some cases, cash, for the annual drawing of prizes. The merchants, in no particular order, are listed below:

Sumer Whitehead – Assistant General Manager

Island Tan
Renee Youngman

McAfee Insurance
Don McAfee & Diane Mixon

McAlisters Deli
Cody Trammel

Scott Andrews

Tri-County Ford
Chris Pickens

Seven Points
David Allen

Texas Tan
Gun Barrel
Jennifer Clamon

Lakeside Therapeutic Massage
Martha Black

Gun Barrel
Robin Fiscus

King’s Creek Golf Club
Doug Smith & Mary Abbott

Eustace Athletic Booster Club
Shelley Compton

Hernadez Mexian Restaurant

Sylvester Spa & Salon
Gun Barrel
Ann Riley

Lakeside Collision Center
Mark & Kim McClaskey

Lesia and Friends Hair Salon
Lesia Townley

1st State Bank
Ronnie Davis

The Donut Shop
Madelyne Wardrup and Liz Patrick

Stitches Galore and More
Jackie Martin

Tractor Supply
David Castro

A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning
Gary and Becki Smith

Diary Queen
Gun Barrel
Randy Hill & Karla Harrell

Burger Barn
Paula Baker

Pizza Hut
Gun Barrel
Bill Hastings

Kitchen Table
Hazel Lane

Sue’s Roost
Mrs. Walker

Jalopy Joes
Gun Barrel
Joe and Tonya Luby

Dreams Come True
Jeff Skipper & Mary Beck

Life Fellowship Church

State Qualifiers and This Week

Congratulations to Evan Arambula on qualifying for the state track meet in both the 3200m run and the 1600m run! Evan placed 1st at regional in the 3200m and placed 2nd in the 1600m. Both races were extremely close and came down to a photo finish. Evan will be running in Austin May 10 and 11. Also, congratulations to all of the participants at the regional track meet. They represented Eustace very well!

This Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. As such, I want to thank all of our teachers for their hard work and dedication to the students of EISD.

The Middle School will be having a book fair this week.

Our softball team will be playing for the bi-district championship tonight against Edgewood. The game will be played at Wills Point starting at 6:30.

Monday – Softball Bi-District Game v. Edgewood in Wills Point – 6:30; Middle School Book Fair; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; Employee Banquet – 7:00 – First Baptist Church

Tuesday – Middle School Book Fair; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; National Honor Society Banquet – 7:00 – First Baptist Church

Wednesday – Middle School Book Fair; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Thursday – Middle School Book Fair; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; Spring Band Concert – 7:00 PM – HS Auditorium; Called Board Meeting – 5:00 PM – HS Library

Friday – MS Band at Sound Post Contest in Canton; 2nd Grade Science Fair

I hope everyone has a great week!

Title I Distinguished Schools

EISD received notification from Region 7 that Eustace Primary and Eustace Intermediate have been selected as Title I, Part A Distinguished Schools. Out of all of the schools (not just districts, but actual schools) in the state, only 501 were selected for this honor. In Region 7, a total of 23 schools were designated as Distinguished Schools. EISD had two of them.

To be selected as a Distinguished School, a school had to meet the following criteria:

• Title I, Part A campus in 10-11, 11-12, and 12-13.
• Maintained a campus residing population of 40% or more low income in 12-13.
• Met AYP in 2011 and 2012.
• Achieved a campus rating in Spring 2012 of Exemplary.
• Achieved a campus rating in Spring of 2011 of either Exemplary or Recognized.
• Achieved a campus rating in Spring of 2010 of either Exemplary or Recognized.

I consider this a great honor for these campuses and for our district. Congratulations to the students, parents, and faculty on achieving this honor.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Regional Track Meet

The regional track meet will be held Friday and Saturday in Stephenville. EHS has several athletes in several events that will be participating. Below is the schedule of events for the regional meet. Admission is $8/day for adults and $5/day for students. A two day pass is available for $12 for adults and $8 for students.

Athletes from Eustace include:
Samantha Crocker – 3200m Run & 1600m Run
Evan Arambula – 3200m Run & 1600m Run
Noa Taylor – 800m Run
Jaci Aiken – 100m Hurdles
Madi Allen – 300m Hurdles
Mark Zimmerer – 1600m Run
4 x 400m Relay – Girls Team
4 x 400m Relay – Boys Team
Chelsea Oldham – Discus
Grace Holcombe – Discus
Tyler Folsum – Discus
Kyle Purselley – Discus
Whitney Boerner – Pole Vault
Megan Gunter – Pole Vault
Alexis Cravey – Pole Vault
Gavin Kirkhart – Pole Vault
Austin Givan – Pole Vault
Caitlyn Culp – Shot Put

Friday, April 26

Field Events

9:00 AM Long Jump Girls
Pole Vault Boys
Discus Boys
11:30 AM Long Jump Boys
Discus Girls
Pole Vault Girls

Running Events-Preliminaries

10:00 a.m. 3200 Meter Run Girls/Boys (Final Event)

Running Events-Preliminaries

3:30 PM 400 Meter Relay Girls/Boys
3:55 800 Meter Run Girls/Boys
4:15 100 Meter Hurdles Girls
4:25 110 Meter Hurdles Boys
4:35 100 Meter Dash Girls/Boys
4:50 800 Meter Relay Girls/Boys
5:05 400 Meter Run Girls/Boys
5:25 300 IM Hurdles Girls/Boys
5:45 200 Meter Dash Girls/Boys
6:05 1600 Meter Relay Girls/Boys

Saturday, April 27

Field Events-Finals

9:00 AM Triple Jump Boys
High Jump Girls
Shot Put Boys
11:30 AM Triple Jump Girls
High Jump Boys
Shot Put Girls

Running Events-Finals

2:00 400 Meter Relay Girls/Boys
2:10 800 Meter Run Girls/Boys
2:25 100 Meter Hurdles Girls
2:35 110 Meter Hurdles Boys
2:45 100 Meter Dash Girls/Boys
3:55 800 Meter Relay Girls/Boys
3:05 400 Meter Dash Girls/Boys
3:20 300 IM Hurdles Girls/Boys
3:30 200 Meter Dash Girls/Boys
3:40 1600 Meter Run Girls/Boys (Final Event)
4:00 1600 Meter Relay Girls/Boys


Refinancing of School Bonds

Last night, the EISD Board of Trustees met in called session. The special meeting was devoted to hearing from our long time bond advisor, Doug Whitt. Mr. Whitt presented the board with information regarding the refinancing of EISD voter approved bonds. Mr. Whitt presented information on the the current bond market, recent Texas school bond sales, historical statistics, EISD’s current bond debt service, and an analysis of refunding bonds specific to EISD.

Mr.Whitt then presented the board with three different scenarios for refunding EISD bonds. The first scenario was based on an advanced refunding of current bonds. In this scenario, the district could realize a savings of up to $897,000 in debt services. In the second scenario, the bonds were refunded on the call date of 2015. Based on current interest rates, this scenario could produce a savings of up to $1,485,000 for the district in debt service. It was pointed out that while this scenario provides a greater savings to the district, it is also dependent on interest rates staying at or near current levels. The third scenario was similar to the second. The bonds were refunded at the call date in 2015 with the interest rate increasing by 0.82%. In this scenario, the district would still realize a savings of almost $900,000.

Mr. Whitt pointed out that because the district has a fund balance in our I & S account, that another scenario was available for consideration. In this scenario, the district would use $450,000 of its I & S fund balance as a cash contribution to pay down on the balance of the bonds and do an advance refund based on current interest rates. In this case, the potential savings to the district would be almost $1,900,000 in debt service. Further, the refunded bonds would be paid off three years earlier than the original maturity date. The overall bond payment for the district will not change dramatically from what it is paying now (about $1,070,000). Since the bond payment will not change much, the expected I & S rate will not be affected, either. The big difference is the fact that the bonds will be paid off early.

The board voted to proceed with the plan of utilizing $450,000 of our I & S fund balance and an advance refund to provide the most benefit to the district and to the taxpayers. Over the next several weeks, the process of the refunding will begin.

PowToons: Presentations with Pizzazz!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

PowToon is yet another way to add some pizzazz to presentations. I added this app to Chrome during TCEA and started playing, but I just can’t stop! It is just so much fun!

There is no reason to waste any more words describing this great tool. It just needs to be seen to be believed. I created this PowToon as my “job description”, so you may want to skip to this great educational sample with set-by-step instructions from Web App Reviews.

(P.S.–Notice how young I look as a cartoon character!)

Catapult Team, Baseball Wins, and Called Board Meeting

The following information is provided by Chris Powers, HS science teacher:

On Friday, April 19, the scientific research and design class competed in the TVCC Earthday Catapult contest.  For the contest, the class constructed two different egg launching trebuchets (I believe that we were the only school that had more than one entry in the contest).  One of the entrees was a falling arm trebuchet and the other was a traditional trebuchet.  The contest consisted of several different categories.  The
categories for the contest were accuracy, design, cost analysis, and presentation.  The accuracy portion the object was to hit a frying pan with an egg from a certain distance.  The exact distance was not given to the students before hand, only a range.

The distance for the contest was 55 feet.  Eustace #1 was 43 inches and 45 inches with
its two throws.  Eustace #2 was 123 inches and 125 inches with its two throws. The cost analysis and design were scored by the judges from information sent to them earlier and based on construction of catapult for the contest.  The final portion of the contest was each team giving a presentation over their catapult.

Results for the competition:

North Forney  75.5 points

Eustace #1       75 points

The students from Eustace did a great job with their projects and competed well.  The class consists of Ella Agold, Evan Arambula, Jason Ballenger, Casey Bramblitt, Gavin Kirkhart, Kyle Purselley, Seth Purselley, Josh Vance, and Kyle Wood. With additional help from Trevor Lane, Kourtney Stine and John Bradburn.  All students worked together for the catapults for the contest.  With the second place finish, the follwoing  students will each receive $150 scholarship from the TVCC science department:  Kyle Purselley, Gavin Kirkhart, Casey Bramblitt, and Jason Ballenger.

Congratulations to Coach Powers and all the students involved!! Below are pictures of the catapult team:

The Bulldogs varsity baseball team finished the season with an exciting 7th inning win against Scurry last night. The game also featured the senior baseball players being recognized. Below is a picture of the seniors:

There will be a called board meeting tonight at 5:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the HS library. The only action item on the agenda will be to consider action on the refunding of bonds. Doug Whitt, the district’s bond advisor will be presenting options to the board. Everyone is invited to attend.























2 Boos from Audioboo

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

Students love working with pictures and videos on computers or iPads to create stunning and surprisingly professional products. Sometimes, though, it is nice to grab a sound-bite from a student for a quick assessment,  a center summary, or a check of reading fluency. Teachers can use quick voice-recordings to provide instructions or create short tests that can be shared with a simple link or an embed code.

Since we use a combination of netbooks and iPads on campus, we need sound recording for both devices. On computer, we prefer Audacity as several tracks can be added and easily edited. These files can then be saved in a variety of formats, shared through email, or uploaded to a Google site (in a file cabinet page).

For really quick recording on any computer, we use Vocaroo. In just minutes, you have a completed voice recording that can be emailed, embedded or shared without any hassles at all.

For recording on the iPad, we are using Audioboo (version 2.4.0) instead of the newer version, Audioboo 2 (version 3.0).   Why are we using Audioboo that’s not new? Well, Audioboo2 changed the way in which boos can be published, and this complicates the easy transfer of boos directly from shared student devices.

In original Audioboo, a student can create and share a completed recording by copying the link and pasting in another app, such as Edmodo, Google Drive, or Evernote. Once the link is shared, the file can be accessed and played from any location and even provides an embed code. The downside of this version of Audioboo is deleting existing boos from the devices. So far, I have been deleting the app and adding it back. Any other ideas out there?

 Audioboo2 recordings can only be published with an Audioboo account log in or through Twitter. They took away the quick link in the update! As with other apps, our students can create accounts, but this adds the extra step to a previously simple app. The biggest issue of an Audioboo account is that all boos in your account are public. There is no way to adjust this, and that can be an issue for
educators of the “under 13” set.

So, there are 2 boos from Audioboo, and, though both provide clear and easy voice recordings, the difference is in the sharing. As for me, I will cry “boohoo” when they finally do away with the version I prefer!

Enjoy this  recording from a student’s Science journal entry:

Mix It Up with Mixbook

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

With so many technology tools out there, it is sometimes hard to keep track of them all, much less the various passwords or emails used to access each of the various sites. Last week, I was needing to put together a quick photo presentation of Flat Stanley pictures for some 2nd grade students, and I just wanted something fast, fun, familiar and friendly. And so it was with perfect timing, that Mark Brumley tweeted out his newest blog post, “My Hugely Successful Technology Integration Strategy” in which he shared how he motivates teachers to use technology by creating digital books. I know this stuff! I love this stuff! It is the one of the very first tool-types I had used as a first-year TIS. In our case, we fell in love with Photo Story and Movie Maker to create digital memories for our classes and our families. In his blog, Mark Brumley suggests digital photo book sites such as Mixbook, Picaboo, and Blurb. That rang a bell! Somewhere in time… some point….I knew I had made a Mixbook account, and I set out to find it. I had a book to make!

Mixbook is easy to use. Go to the website, create an education account, upload your photos, select a theme, add photos and text, move everything around, and save! You can zoom in on and move pictures and even do a few quick photo edits within the program itself. Pages can be added, easily moved within your book, and everything saves automatically–which I really appreciate! The best thing about Mixbook for educators is that books can be worked on collaboratively and then shared via a link or embedded in a site. This gives teachers many ways to share with students and alternatives for student submissions on completed projects. You also never pay a thing unless you wish to order a completed book. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy project for ….say….after a week of intense testing, Mixbook might be a great choice! Thank you for the reminder, Mark Brumley!

Here is the Flat Stanley book created in Mixbook. Looks like they had a great vacation!

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards

Softball Playoff Game, UIL Academics, and This Week

The Lady Bulldogs softball team will face Edgewood in the bi-district round of the playoffs this Thursday. The game will be played in Wills Point and will start at 5:00.

After all the points were totaled, the EHS UIL Academic Team placed second in district. The Regional UIL Academic Meet was held this past weekend in Stephenville. Although EHS did not have any participants advance to the state meet, our student represented EHS well.  Below is a picture of the trophies that were won at the district competition by the Academic Team and the One Act Play cast and crew.

This Week

Monday – Start 6th 6 Weeks; STAAR Testing; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30; Varsity Baseball at Scurry

Tuesday – STAAR Testing; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Wednesday – STAAR Testing; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Thursday – STAAR Testing; Report Cards; Bulldog Extra – 3:30 – 5:30

Friday – STAAR Testing; Primary Awards Assembly; Regional Track Meet at Stephenville

Saturday – Regional Track Meet at Stephenville

Below is a picture of the EHS Girls Area Champion Track Team