QR Crazy Again!

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So, I finally decide to post on this blog again, and, of course, its about QR Codes!! I just love these things!
In fact, I simply adore that fact that technology has come so far that we have all kinds of scanners that change simple print into something new and exciting.  It’s like magic….and students love it too!

Over spring break, I was finally able to share my scanning passion with my daughter, Megan, who just happens to be a kindergarten teacher who happened to be in need of some technology to enhance her grade level PBL ocean unit.

Students were each given an ocean animal to research at home with their parents. Models of their animal were created at school along with a final written report. Each child practiced reading their report in “Reader’s Theater” fashion and recorded in Audacity.

Click to enlarge and scan QR Code to hear Andy’s story.

I helped Megan set up her Google site to host the audio files in a “file cabinet page”, and QR codes were created on QRStuff from those URL links.

End result: parents can now visit the classroom aquarium and hear their children voices.
Megan loved it, the kids loved it, and the end results are, I believe, magical.

To see other great projects by this wonderful teacher (I’m not biased in ANY way!) please see their classroom blog. They would love to hear from you!

Can’t scan Andy’s story? Add a QR code reader, such as I-nigma, to your smart phone

Are you sharing the “magic” of technology with your students each day?

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