2013-2014 High School Cheerleaders

Recently, tryouts were held for 2013-2014 High School cheerleaders. The varsity cheerleaders for 2013-2014 are


Meagan Gunter (12th)– Head Cheerleader

Haley Compton (11th)– Co-Head Cheerleader

Ashley Purselley (10th)

Samantha Crocker (11th)

Kendra Rogers (12th)

Molly McAtee (9th)

Caylie Cardwell (11th)

Payton Schwartz (9th)

Miranda Burks (11th)

Kaelin Henry (11th)

Tarah Herrera (12th)

Whitney Boerner (10th)

Hailey Wommack (9th) – Mascot

The JV cheerleaders for 2013-2014 are

Junior Varsity

Hope Westbrook (12th)

Layne Scott (9th)

Kyla Morris (9th)

Samantha Richardson (9th)

Alyssa Shaddox (9th)

Makayla Mitchell (10th)

There were a total of 28 students tryout for next year’s squads. Congratulations to both the varsity and JV squads.

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