Educreations for All!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

Our 6th graders have been using the app Educreations to “show what they know” in Science class, and we have found it to be a  great tool for all stages of learning and assessment. Since it has been so easy and fun, we wanted to explore its use in other subject areas as well.

In this Educreation sample, students work through a math problem to explain why answers are correct or incorrect. Talking through the process of problem solving clearly bumps this common worksheet question to a higher level of thinking. No one here can simply circle an answer and move along. It demonstrates the thought process behind the answer, whether it’s right or wrong. In fact, in this sample, one student determines the answer is incorrect, but not for the right reason, a step that never could be detected without “hearing” the thoughts behind the process. Though this may seem time consuming, what if every student did one exemplar math problem each week? Over the course of a year, that is a great deal of “thinking out loud”!

Just one thing about this Educreation: the students forgot to record on the first slide which did actually show the entire math problem. The downside of Educreations is that if you mess up, there is NO way to edit (yet!).
Still, a great tool for quick use in the classroom!

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