Fotobabble: Talking Pictures

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

Yesterday, students used the Educreations app to take photos of a math problem and add annotations and voice-recordings to create a multiple-slide presentation. The downside to Educreations is that you can’t correct mistakes. You absolutely have to start over, and this can be frustrating and problematic in a classroom setting where not all students finish on time and are sharing devices!

Today’s app, Fotobabble, allows the user to create, save and return to edit and voice-record on a photo to share through email, Facebook or Twitter. This app works on both  iPad or  iPhone. The great thing about Fotobabble is that is also has a website that provides an embed code, and, more importantly, students can re-record or edit on Fotobabble! The only downside is that only one photo can be recorded on at this time. Fotobabble’s support says that this will soon change. This app does require an account or access through Facebook or Twitter.

Sorry that this Fotobabble sample is not a student product. I wanted to let some 2nd graders know that their Flat Stanley family was returning home soon, and this seemed like a fun way to share the news!

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