2 Boos from Audioboo

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Students love working with pictures and videos on computers or iPads to create stunning and surprisingly professional products. Sometimes, though, it is nice to grab a sound-bite from a student for a quick assessment,  a center summary, or a check of reading fluency. Teachers can use quick voice-recordings to provide instructions or create short tests that can be shared with a simple link or an embed code.

Since we use a combination of netbooks and iPads on campus, we need sound recording for both devices. On computer, we prefer Audacity as several tracks can be added and easily edited. These files can then be saved in a variety of formats, shared through email, or uploaded to a Google site (in a file cabinet page).

For really quick recording on any computer, we use Vocaroo. In just minutes, you have a completed voice recording that can be emailed, embedded or shared without any hassles at all.

For recording on the iPad, we are using Audioboo (version 2.4.0) instead of the newer version, Audioboo 2 (version 3.0).   Why are we using Audioboo that’s not new? Well, Audioboo2 changed the way in which boos can be published, and this complicates the easy transfer of boos directly from shared student devices.

In original Audioboo, a student can create and share a completed recording by copying the link and pasting in another app, such as Edmodo, Google Drive, or Evernote. Once the link is shared, the file can be accessed and played from any location and even provides an embed code. The downside of this version of Audioboo is deleting existing boos from the devices. So far, I have been deleting the app and adding it back. Any other ideas out there?

 Audioboo2 recordings can only be published with an Audioboo account log in or through Twitter. They took away the quick link in the update! As with other apps, our students can create accounts, but this adds the extra step to a previously simple app. The biggest issue of an Audioboo account is that all boos in your account are public. There is no way to adjust this, and that can be an issue for
educators of the “under 13” set.

So, there are 2 boos from Audioboo, and, though both provide clear and easy voice recordings, the difference is in the sharing. As for me, I will cry “boohoo” when they finally do away with the version I prefer!

Enjoy this  recording from a student’s Science journal entry:

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