Catapult Team, Baseball Wins, and Called Board Meeting

The following information is provided by Chris Powers, HS science teacher:

On Friday, April 19, the scientific research and design class competed in the TVCC Earthday Catapult contest.  For the contest, the class constructed two different egg launching trebuchets (I believe that we were the only school that had more than one entry in the contest).  One of the entrees was a falling arm trebuchet and the other was a traditional trebuchet.  The contest consisted of several different categories.  The
categories for the contest were accuracy, design, cost analysis, and presentation.  The accuracy portion the object was to hit a frying pan with an egg from a certain distance.  The exact distance was not given to the students before hand, only a range.

The distance for the contest was 55 feet.  Eustace #1 was 43 inches and 45 inches with
its two throws.  Eustace #2 was 123 inches and 125 inches with its two throws. The cost analysis and design were scored by the judges from information sent to them earlier and based on construction of catapult for the contest.  The final portion of the contest was each team giving a presentation over their catapult.

Results for the competition:

North Forney  75.5 points

Eustace #1       75 points

The students from Eustace did a great job with their projects and competed well.  The class consists of Ella Agold, Evan Arambula, Jason Ballenger, Casey Bramblitt, Gavin Kirkhart, Kyle Purselley, Seth Purselley, Josh Vance, and Kyle Wood. With additional help from Trevor Lane, Kourtney Stine and John Bradburn.  All students worked together for the catapults for the contest.  With the second place finish, the follwoing  students will each receive $150 scholarship from the TVCC science department:  Kyle Purselley, Gavin Kirkhart, Casey Bramblitt, and Jason Ballenger.

Congratulations to Coach Powers and all the students involved!! Below are pictures of the catapult team:

The Bulldogs varsity baseball team finished the season with an exciting 7th inning win against Scurry last night. The game also featured the senior baseball players being recognized. Below is a picture of the seniors:

There will be a called board meeting tonight at 5:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the HS library. The only action item on the agenda will be to consider action on the refunding of bonds. Doug Whitt, the district’s bond advisor will be presenting options to the board. Everyone is invited to attend.























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